EDITORIAL: Take advantage of traveling opportunities

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Traveling to different cities, states countries is a hobby to some and business to others. Whether touring exotic resorts, exploring snow-saturated mountains or completing a deal abroad, traveling offers several benefits and should be done whenever the opportunity arises. Not only does traveling open minds to different cultures and environments, according to an article from nbcnews.com, it also improves your mood, creativity and relieves stress.

The quest for the perfect street taco

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There are many different types of food in the Fresno area that are popular, such as hamburgers or pasta. But there is nothing that compares to the street taco. I am not talking about the Taco Bell corporate taco. I am talking about the original, food truck, family-made taco.

Hello, Dolly! shatters expectations with star-studded cast

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After a day full of touring, The Feather staff entered the Sam S. Shubert Theatre dressed in their best formal attire they had brought to New York City, March 13. Students and chaperons found their seats and flipped through their playbills, noting cast members who they had seen in other plays or films. After seeing Wicked two days earlier, the group now prepared to watch the classic Broadway play, Hello, Dolly! Hello, Dolly! was first produced by David Merrick in 1964 and has since become a show beloved by many across the nation. The story is based off the play “The Matchmaker” by Thornton Wilder and the music and lyrics are by Jerry Herman.

COLUMN: Senior shares NASCAR race experience

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Drivers, start your engines! In the distance we could hear the roar of engines come to life as drivers fired up their race cars. As the pace car led the cars onto the track we rose to our feet. Finally, the moment we were waiting for all weekend was about to come. However, it was the days leading up to this that proved to be just as memorable as the race.

EDITORIAL: Letting go of trivial issues

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The first step towards self-fulfillment and happiness is to realize that there is a problem that you’re obsessing over. For students, this could include bitterness because of a break-up, a bad grade, an argument with a parent or even an insecurity. Recognizing that there is something bothering you can help identify how to overcome that issue. Holding on to past hurt is not only unfair to others, but an unhealthy way to live life. Playing the victim is a result of not being able to let things go. This means that the pain someone feels manifests into a self-pitying response, they hold on to the belief that they are undeniably right in their anger. Taking responsibility for your pain, whether or not you believe you are right, can lead to a healthier state of mind.

COLUMN: The power of a positive attitude

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“Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude,” said Lou Holtz, a retired American football player, coach and analyst. "Whether it’s at a job, school or even at your home, a good attitude will change everything around you. A good attitude will inspire and help others as well as yourself. I firmly believe positive thinking will propel you much farther in life than having a negative mindset." Negative thinking can be destructive to your brain. Some people can even find themselves being controlled by negative emotions such as fear, anger, stress, anxiety and depression.

Silent Sacrifice: ValleyPBS documentary exposes truth of the past

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Kept in silence for decades, the true story of the Japanese-American relocation in 1942 finally reveals itself in the ValleyPBS special Silent Sacrifice. The Story of Japanese American Incarceration in California’s San Joaquin Valley and Beyond exposes the truth behind one of the darkest periods in America’s history. After Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, losing America’s trust and causing thousands of casualties, the Japanese-Americans who considered the United States to be their home were stripped of their citizenship. On February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Order 9066, which resulted in 120,000 innocent people of Japanese ancestry to relocate to concentration camps, leaving behind their friends, schools, and jobs.

Review: Ford Fusion offers students affordable, safe transportation option

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Giving the keys of a car to a teenage can be frightening for parents. Even if the parents trust their children the fact that they are on the road without any guardian can be stressful. That is the reason why buying the right car can be crucial to assure the safety of a new driver. The 2016 Ford Fusion aims to provide both safety and comfort.

COLUMN: Roman Endicott examines negative peer pressure

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In last month’s column, I alluded to a difference between stepping out of your comfort zone and succumbing to peer pressure. For those who joined me at the ice skating night and were lucky enough to see me eat it on the ice, I’m sure the bittersweet expression of pure joy with an underlying sense of slight pain on my face was a great example of what stepping out is all about.

College Corner: College events for seniors this March

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As the busy season of spring approaches, seniors juggle assignments, campus activities, and college deadlines. Seniors who are interested in a community college or Fresno State should be aware of the two important events and dates in March.

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