EDITORIAL: Civilian action trumps political opinion, discourse inspires empathy

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The world has high hopes for the new decade as millions anticipate the Summer Olympic Games, the Mars 2020 Mission and the rise of the high speed rail. As the US braces itself for a plethora of new films, music and sports events, it also makes way for the 59th annual US election year. True to the common saying, actions often speak louder than words. Although voting is part of an American’s freedoms, when a vote is not backed up by action, it amounts to nothing but weight in the ballot box. Voters’ goals are transformed into reality when they initiate change, rather than waiting for a politician to act on their behalf.

COLUMN: Vietnam is more than a war

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The daily life of residents of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) gives me a very familiar and simple feeling. The lifestyle and pace in Vietnam is always bustling. At only six in the morning, traffic is crowded, the voices of people's laughter bounce between the tall buildings and bartering echoes in the streets.

“The Mandalorian” captures audiences with action, lore

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“The Mandalorian” takes place in the Star Wars canon timeline After the events of “Return of the Jedi”. At this point in time, the galaxy finds itself under the control of the new republic after they destroyed the empire. The area of republic influence fails to reach the outer rim of the galaxy at his time, leaving the area a sea of lawlessness.

COLUMN: Dedication, discipline, passion provide key to success

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Firefighter, astronaut, movie star - all jobs children often aspire to when they grow up. Time and time again, children cling to these classic occupations glamorized by TV shows and movies. Often enough, the longing for these “dream jobs” result from the perception that these occupations will usher in fame or the feeling of changing the world in young kids’ lives.

COMMENTARY: LA Auto Show powers exotic, amazing experience

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Luke Wu visits automobile showcase Some of the cars featured at the LA Auto Show included Audi's SUV RS Q8 and Mustang's Mach E. In the past, my friends and I spent our Thanksgiving focusing on authentic Chinese food at big cities, sleeping in after playing video games most of the [...]

COLUMN: Cultural differences, teen struggles shape international student

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Kenneth Hu discusses challenges with social, educational differences between Chinese, American societies Senior Haiyang (Kenneth) Hu is an international student at Fresno Christian Schools and one of many participants in the AmeriStudent program. AmeriStudent LLC. works with incoming international students to secure a safe homestay and offer support through cultural and educational integration Feather staffer and international [...]

EDITORIAL: Selflessness promotes communal growth, requires self-care practices

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Serving and selflessness work hand-in-hand but are often overshadowed by selfish ambition, pride and self focus. Both selflessness and selfishness have origins in enrichment, contributing to a healthy lifestyle. In order to feed both sides of our human nature, helping others while practicing forms of self-care create a win-win situation.

COLUMN: Chinese, American education compared, challenges recognized

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Chinese and American culture and their education differences can make it difficult for international students. From uniforms to goals to teaching strategies and expectations, both students and their hosts need to know the challenges of international study abroad. While some parts of education and learning are the same, I was unprepared for many of the academic adjustments and cultural differences coming from China into the American school system.

COLUMN: Student body president shares importance of living a purposeful life

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Students have the ability to impact their campus, community and country. Over the past year, the world has watched as young activists take charge and address nationwide issues such as climate change, gun control and free speech.

Kabab City opens fourth location, offers unique menu items

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Opening its doors in Fowler eight years ago, Kabab City has been successfully growing and expanding to other locations, recently opening a brand new restaurant in Fresno, Aug. 2019. The eatery draws inspiration from authentic Middle Eastern cuisine mixed with Arabic, Armenian and Greek food. According to the Kabab City website, the ingredients used come from “farm fresh, never frozen & halal chicken." Halal meat refers to food that is prepared according to the Koran, Islamic Law.