College Corner: Clovis High hosts FAFSA workshop, Oct. 15

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The fall semester is a busy season for our seniors as they are gathering letters of recommendation, attending college fairs, and taking advantage of application workshops. Clovis High School will host the first FAFSA workshop from 6 p.m to 8 p.m., Oct. 15. This event will start in the cafeteria where they will provide a quick introduction and then move into the library for families ready to begin the application process. Alyssa Reese | The Feather Online Every year starting on Oct. 1 this is the beginning for not only the CSU application window but also the start date for when students and their parents may begin filling out the FAFSA. To begin the process there will be a workshop hosted tonight which will be mentioned later on in the article.

Editorial: Developing heroic behavior

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Catching the game-winning touchdown. Thwarting a terrorist plot. Rescuing a child trapped in an inflamed building. All examples exemplify a heroic action. Seldom does one find themselves staring into Friday night lights during a championship game, near a burning building or a terrorist attack. Heroes emerge from crowds, stepping up as nameless citizens, ready to sacrifice for their neighbor. An opportunity for a heroic act may never come in a person’s life, but people must prepare their character and resolve for a situation regardless. While “Everyone is a hero” is a popular phrase teachers and speakers tell their students, this is not the case. However, each individual has the capacity of for heroic behavior through purposeful action.

COMMENTARY: Girl Talk–Sadies

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Juniors Annabelle Messer and Megan LeBlanc begin the blog series, "Girl Talk" covering issues spotlighting the triumphs and struggles from the female perspective. They begin publishing their first blog next week.  An 80-year tradition, Sadie Hawkins, continues in many high schools throughout the US and Canada. The idea first occurred as a comic strip in 1937, illustrating a women named Sadie Hawkin who got to choose whatever man she wanted to marry. The comic strip became very popular in the USA, as well as Canada. This empowered women’s rights as well as making an interesting dance idea, where girls ask guys in many high schools.

COLUMN: Small school, big dreams

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In my conversations with other students throughout the Valley, there is a common notion that because of its size, Fresno Christian Schools fails to accommodate the breadth of students’ interests, limiting those who want to achieve because of its size. While our school is small, that difference gives us a unique advantage.

COLUMN: Small stadium, new Chargers experience

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After several losing seasons of disappointment and heartbreak, the Chargers needed a fresh start with a new audience. They chose to leave San Diego for a new beginning in the City of Los Angeles. After this move, I knew I wanted to find a way to view a game at this new location. However, after moving to LA, the Chargers organization needed to find a temporary home during the build of their new multi-billion dollar stadium. Stubhub Center got chosen as the team's interim home. The original intention came as the home for the LA Galaxy. Due to this, it only holds 27,000 people compared to the 70,000 fans experienced in San Diego.

COLUMN: Journalists aspire to begin Feather broadcasting program

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The Feather Online begins a broadcasting program this year. As I am seeking to become a future sports anchor my hopes of this program going far is very positive, I needed advice from someone who knows the ropes of the sports broadcasting business. Paul Loeffler was gracious enough to come and listen to our first podcast that featured football player Marcus James, '20. After the podcast was finished Loeffler sat down with Kyle Clem, ‘21, and I and gave us some very helpful tips on how to think big, but start small. “My advice would be to start small, it doesn’t have to be a thirty minute thing or an hour it can be five minutes,” Loeffler said. “Here is one, two or three issues that you can give your take on and record that and put that out there and see how people deal with it. Or maybe there's a different approach to sports that someone hasn’t come up with before.”

Unbroken: Path to Redemption incorporates faith element, story of recovery

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Unbroken: Path to Redemption continues the true story of Louis Zamperini (Samuel Hunt) told in Unbroken, released in 2014, and based off the book by Lauren Hillenbrand. Directed by Harold Cronk, the follow up covers Louis’s struggles after the war and remarkable redemption. The movie opens with a synopsis of the previous movie. The way it told Louis's story interested me; it made a timeline with animations of newspaper headlines, but the pictures were action scenes from his life. I thought this was a resourceful way to start the movie off with action and still provide context.

EDITORIAL: Benefits of struggling together

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Whether in the classroom, college or in the workplace, struggle remains a founding principle of humanity’s search for purpose and identity. Without direction, life becomes meaningless, and without help, existence becomes soul-destroying. As social, intelligent creatures, people yearn for relationship. Some argue that opening up to others leads to more troubles. Bullying and betrayal leave deep emotional scars that mold cynicism in people.

COLUMN: Freshman journalist encourages students to join campus publication

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Working for the school newspaper is not a simple task. This is evident by the end of the first week of school. However, there is no adequate reason to avoid joining. Rather, this was one of my greatest motivations for enlisting in the first place. In a Christian homeschool program called “Classical Conversations”, the tutors emphasize literature. In my junior high years, my class read and studied almost two dozen books, and we transferred what we saw into our essays. I grew to love writing, and progressed in my four years of fifth through eighth grade.

House of JuJu offers new menu items, location

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By far the JuJu Bleu was the best burger on the plate. Every element of the burger combined to make an amazing symphony of flavors. It was sharp and tangy while being unique in flavor.

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