Editorial: Students enter second quarter, seek study techniques, tricks

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Electronics, sleep schedules affect performance in classes Students need to find a balance between busy lives and academic work to succeed in their school work and maintain a good mental health. As students step into fall sports and activities, they are challenged to balance schoolwork and extracurriculars. In this electronic age, [...]

COLUMN: International student recounts struggles, anxieties from foreign country

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“Alone and abroad.” While this term may scare many international students, I still thrive. I thought of life abroad as filled with colors and opportunities, but nobody told me about the difficulty of fitting into American life.

COLUMN: New world challenges, culture shock drive new resolve, pt. 2

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There is a saying in China: “When you get into college, you are free to do whatever you want.” However, there are consequences to every action. And that means completing assignments on time and at a high level before college. China has the world's largest population, four times more than the US has. So the competition in education is also much more competitive. Chinese education is very different than American. In the United States, education and college admissions use a holistic application review process, where US schools are about not only GPA, but also volunteering, social experience and teacher recommendations. Yet colleges in China only care about one thing: test scores.

COLUMN: International student strives to improve English skills, communication

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“Do you want to go to America?” my father asked me as we ended a party we were at and returned home. I always thought going to America was a joke so I answered, “Of course, if you can send me.” While in China, I hadn't taken English lessons seriously and naively thought I did not need them. Plus, I never expected to leave China and Chinese education. When my dad told me I needed to learn English, I thought he must have heard the story of his friend’s children studying abroad at the party and I thought he was 'brainwashed' by them. He wasn’t.

COLUMN: Feather staffers reminisce summer 2019 missions trip

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India... a lawless, crowded, chaotic, beautiful, joyful place where I had the opportunity to spend two weeks of my life over the summer. Having traveled there two years prior, I already knew to some extent what to expect.

COLUMN: Mexico mission trip shapes international student’s life view

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Life never gives everything that you want because the journey is often full of obstacles. But we can embrace it with a positive mindset and enjoy the ride. Be grateful for what you have and be optimistic toward difficulties.

COLUMN: Language barrier, culture, grandparent death shape international student

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At fourteen years old, my parents surprised me with a conversation about studying abroad. My first reaction was excitement, but I really felt terrified and desperate. Without knowing the gravity of the experience I was about to face, I agreed to their idea. I noticed my parents weren't comfortable enough talking about this around me, but by hearing their tone of voice I could tell they were nervous and indecisive.

Column: Importance of news and media

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Happy News Engagement Day! Founded in 2014, News Engagement Day (NED) encourages people to read, watch and listen to the news. The founders of NED, AEJMC, is a national association of journalism who's goal is to educate the public about the process, principles, and responsibilities of journalism.

EDITORIAL: Students impact public discussion, face attacks

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Four teenage African American boys sit at the Greensboro, N.C. Woolsworth lunch counter, silently protesting racial discrimination, 1960. Thousands of students gather in Tiananmen Square, Beijing to protest corruption in the Communist Party, 1989. Spurred by the killing of an African American boy, students flood the street of Ferguson, MO, initiating the Black Lives Matter movement, 2014.