COLUMN: My experience in the Holy Land of Israel – Part One

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Journalist Carston Saelzler shares memories and stories of recent journey to the Holy Land No one could ever tell me what it was going to be like. I mean, how could they? To visit a place where religion, nature, and people collide into a beautiful scene of perfection called Israel. 288 hours. That's all I got [...]

Editorial: Compete with peers, avoid comparison

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Self motivation limits individual's capabilities Athletes grapple on the court for a position on the starting roster. They serve, return and rally with one another in anticipation to gain the starting spot. Competition between teammates drives student athletes to become better than each other, ultimately making the team stronger. Campus tennis players compete [...]

LETTER: Terry Richards, positive role model

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Mr. (Terry) Richards is one of my favorite teachers from childhood. I greatly respect and appreciate his approach to teaching. My memories are that he was kind often, disciplined in love when necessary, instructed in faith and allowed his love for Jesus to permeate his actions.

COLUMN: Dress code and daily clothing

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According to the National Center for Education Statistics 57% of US schools have some type of dress code that they enforce on the students. Some contain more standards than others, but all try to maintain a sense of safety within the school. As a disclaimer, dress codes make up a fundamental part of schools and they have fair intentions. However, dress codes tend to contain a mistake or miscommunication here and there between students and teachers.

College Corner: Juniors utilize your Christmas break

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Finals week is here and the days until Christmas break can now be counted on one hand! As students are eager to dive into their three week vacation, high school juniors should utilize this time to better equip themselves as they enter their second semester.

COLUMN: The power of worship

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These days, people are hungry to experience the presence of God. People pack into concerts, drive from miles away and cram their playlists with joyful praises to encounter God in worship. Elevation Worship, Jesus Culture and Bethel Music, the list of popular worship music could go on and on. To worship God is your own personal choice, but during participation, the worshipper allows the Holy Spirit to move within their heart. The power expressed by praise clears your mind of the fog of the world. Circumstances often can fill our minds with clutter and noise, along with pressures, conflicts and trends.

COLUMN: Learning to Prioritize

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In my third year of high school, I have learned a lot about my priorities from just the past two years alone. At the beginning of freshmen year, I was barrel racing and riding horses full time, played volleyball, and was taking all academic classes. Sophomore year I joined The Feather while I continued to barrel racing, play volleyball and enroll in more difficult academic classes. I began to feel overwhelmed the second week of school. It came to a point where there was just too much on my plate.

COLUMN: From The Principal’s Desk – December 2018

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If you know my story, you have heard me say that joy is a choice. Every day I must choose joy. Because of the way God wired me, because of life, I have to work just a little bit harder at looking on the bright side.

EDITORIAL: Refrain from gossip

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Whispers in the hallway spread rumors, lies and half-truths. Fueled by envy, hate and bolstering  self-confidence, teens use gossip to hurt others they dislike. High school students often fabricate stories about someone or spread an intimate secret. Gossip emphasizes the situations of other people, and individuals become enveloped in the lives of others. As bullying will always be an issue, gossip remains an unavoidable reality in classrooms and workplaces. According to an article published on the New York Post, individuals continue to gossip well into their adult life.

COLUMN: Morgan Parker shares perspective on happiness

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Journalist defines happiness, emphasizes importance Expressed through smiles, grins and giggles, happiness remains a foundational element in the human condition. Happiness is not only a word to describe something enjoyed, but also a feeling that one experiences. Journalist Morgan Parker, '22 explores the concept of happiness. Happiness, according to Oxford dictionary, [...]

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