COLUMN: Roman Endicott discusses life choices

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Dear individual reading this article, congratulations. We made it past finals! This year is coming to a close, and with it, the first semester has already concluded. The end of the calendar year is a great excuse for us to do some deep reflection and to set goals for the next one. If you have ever made a New Year’s resolution, you probably know just as well as the rest of us that they don’t typically last very long at all. Whether we wanted to start hitting the gym or cut down on the caffeine, we usually find ourselves back where we started before long.

Behind the Bow: Journalists join cheer practice, share experience

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Touchdown! Home Run! Dunk! Goal! Football, baseball, basketball and soccer. Probably the top four known sports played in the U.S. What is a sport? These four that were just listed would easily be considered a sport. According to dictionary.com, a sport is, “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” This brings up the question that has sparked many arguments over it. Is cheer a sport? Well CIF (California Interscholastic Association) has declared cheer a sport. So there should be no argument against that, but a bigger question that is asked is; are cheerleaders considered athletes?

EDITORIAL: Avoid commercialism of Christmas

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Colorful wrapped gifts rest at the base of the tree. ‘Santa’ comes each year to give gifts to all the nice children of the world. Many children look forward to the gifts they receive each year at Christmas. Yet some have fallen victim to the holiday’s hyper commercialism and an expectation to be materially pleased. Parents and students can combat commercialism by focusing on family and the true meaning of the holiday season.

COLUMN: Journalist explores college options in SoCal

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Kamryn Schultz visits Southern California colleges, compares qualities I’ve always dreamed of living in Los Angeles. From the iconic landmarks to the beautiful scenery, the famous city made me believe anything was possible. Throughout high school, people asked me what I wanted to pursue once I graduated. My dreams have changed every year, but this [...]

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Column: College trips through the eyes of a senior

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November college visit impresses The GCU student union courtyard is a place where students can hang out and eat with their peers. For many seniors, visiting a college can be the first or final step in deciding where they spend the next four to six year of their life. College trips [...]

COLUMN: My discovery in the Islamic Republic of Iran

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I looked down and saw the Persian Gulf reflecting the amethystine asterism and the proper mystery full-moon that cannot be found in any other place than the Arabian world. Somehow, I could not wrap my mind around this emerald night. My anxiety came from realizing “this is the last joy,” what was waiting for me was not a fairytale land of Arabian Nights. It was one hour later this airplane landing on a Persian desert; in Iran, an isolated country, with my eyes wide open.

COLUMN: Choosing to be world changers

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“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world,” -Anne Frank. Anybody can change the world. It is easy to observe Martin Luther King Jr., or Albert Einstein and think that we could never accomplish something of their caliber. However, all it takes is getting out there and doing something.

College Corner: Scholarship resources and benefits

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As college application deadlines come to a close there’s a new task at hand for students seeking to attend college. With a consistent yearly increase of college tuition rates, it is now more important than ever for students to be informed and educated about scholarships. The time is now for college preparation.

EDITORIAL: Benefits of allotting allowances to children

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For generations, parents have considered the benefits and drawbacks of allotting allowances to their children. Some argue that allowances should be used to reward children for good grades or chores they have completed. However, others suggest that giving children allowances give them an unrealistic expectation of working in the real world and may lead to a feeling of entitlement. Parents should allocate an allowance to their children when they are young to teach them how to manage their finances.

Roman Endicott, column: It’s up to us to shape our environment

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A few summers ago I was on a cruise headed towards the Catalina Islands when things didn’t go exactly as planned. I woke up in the middle of the night in a fit of panic, with my hand over my mouth running towards the bathroom. I finally made it, but ended up regurgitating the bad pizza I ate from the previous evening.

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