COLUMN: Choosing faith over fear

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To say that we are in "uncertain times" is an out-of-touch understatement. Thanks to COVID-19, everyone's daily life has been greatly impacted. We can no longer have public gatherings, go to school, travel or even go to the movies with our friends. The media and medical professionals have told us to stay inside, avoid contact and cover your face or people will die. For my generation, this is the first global issue we have ever faced. We have never lived through a world war, and are mostly too young to remember 9/11.

COLUMN: Basic painting techniques produce lifelike creations

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In my view, painting art is the most concise way to directly express self-aesthetic consciousness. Painting can make us feel relaxed and happy as we create or learn basic techniques. In order to paint things that make sense, you must first understand that painting is a technique that uses a surface as a supporting surface and then adds color to it. 

COLUMN: Outward thinking leads high school students to volunteer in community

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Usually during spring break, you can find me at Peoples Church involved in a week-long community outreach event called Breakaway. Breakaway gives students the opportunity to serve the people of Fresno, participate in impactful worship and hear powerful messages. But God had other plans for 2020. I was pretty bummed when I discovered that COVID-19 would prevent me from participating in my last Breakaway. I would not get the same opportunity to serve in my community that I annually do.

COLUMN: Feather freshman shares her California education journey

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Bethany Darby's journey starts in Los Angeles, where the city never stops. I really never stay in a city or place for too long but I share my education journey with Fresno Christian, reaching out to fellow students during COVID-19 shelter-in-place.

COLUMN: Exercise apps replace gyms as citizens shelter-in-place

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As an international student from China, I was deeply impressed by the United States and how much Americans love fitness. Not simply running, but dealing with weights and equipment. China has a huge population, a fast-paced life and stress. A large number of people do not have time to exercise.

COLUMN: Senior shares encouragement for class of 2020 during quarantine

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As a fellow senior, I feel your frustration, your anger, sadness, disappointment and even your nostalgia. I feel your need for validation of your feelings. As schools extend their closures, make the decision to not complete the fourth quarter, and the nation extends the quarantines and shelter-in-places, I understand that we can’t help but feel more and more discouraged. 

LETTER: Junior expresses disappointments over 2nd semester shelter-in-place

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Since Monday was officially a full month of quarantine and our school was supposed to go back on April 13, I have been disappointed. I did enjoy my month off, kind of like Christmas break, but it is starting to get old. I know we have summer break which is much longer, but I am participating in basketball and planning on seeing friends often. I am very thankful that I am a junior and not a senior though; things like their last formal and senior trip can be highlights of their high school year and they do not get to participate in them.

COMMENTARY: Student Voice Zoom webinar fosters student connection

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As most of the world continues to shelter-in-place due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many students adjust to new learning strategies and responsibilities. Students from South Carolina, Argentina, Kentucky, New Jersey, Georgia, New York and more attended a Student Voice Zoom webinar to discuss the struggles of online learning, April 5.  The video conference, led by Student Voice, provided a space for students to ask each other questions and share concerns about online learning. Topics included balancing work, study tips and ways to cope during the pandemic.

COLUMN: Support measures to stop Asian COVID-19 racism

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As the COVID-19 virus spread from China to Europe, the spread of new cases has become one of the biggest health, lifestyle and economic threats to the globe and financial markets. The pandemic has also birthed a new round of racism and animosity toward Asians. Today's governments want to strictly control migrants, tourists and even multinational corporations. Fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna Ivan Vejvoda calls into question the current state of the world and its functions.