EDITORIAL: Growth through giving back

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Some see volunteering as a trivial activity and unworthy of their time. They see little to no benefit in serving others without financial compensation. Volunteers positively impact their communities, all the while learning new skills and developing their reputation with future employers. Around 24.9 percent of Americans volunteered through or for an organization at least once between September 2014 and September 2015.

COLUMN: Parent grateful for FCS’ impact on community, family

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I was standing outside the FC gym last week, waiting for my 8th grader to exchange his backpack for his tennis uniform and racquet before their first co-ed junior high tennis match.Beautiful and athletic Trinity Cox, my son’s classmate, saw me as she waited to leave for her softball game.

Editorial: The night before NOTS

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Students suit up for formal event, prepare to take dates to Oscar-themed event Twas the night before NOTS. The gentle hum of tanning beds complimented the mist of orange aerosol  that filled the air around her.  Hunter Raynes, '21, asks Hannah Villines, '21, to NOTS. With a basic understanding of color, [...]

Editorial: Celebrating students, staff of Fresno Christian

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Student leadership organizes NOTS, rallies and the activities that bring the student body together to celebrate achievement and campus life. Band, choir and color guard tirelessly practice to perform musical compositions and theatrical works. Athletes condition and compete on the fields of FC pursuing championships and winning records. Each student at Fresno Christian provides life, talent and success to the school. Artist Sydney Saville decorates the athletic office with a FC Logo, creating a spirit filled space for athletic director Darbee Whipple to plan games and manage athletics.

Join The Discussion: Fresno City College Journalism Day 2019

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Scholastic Journalism Week comes to a close and Feather staff members spend the day at Fresno City College for the third annual Journalism Day, Feb. 22. Hundreds of students from surrounding schools attend the conference to learn from professionals about the importance of high school journalism.

COLUMN: Principal Amy Deffenbacher reflects, shares attributes of small school community

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Principal Amy Deffenbacher has spent considerable time, lately, thinking about what it means to be part of the Fresno Christian community, sharing privileges and responsibilities.

COLUMN: Former Feather editor thanks advisers

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Two years into my collegiate career, maintaining a high level of academic success has been an achievable task. Upon reflection of how I got here and what makes me a successful student, I realized that one of the main drivers is my work ethic: The Feather Online.

LETTER: Parent thanks Feather

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As I learned more about the amazing achievements of The Feather, I felt like a child on Christmas morning. The Feather felt like a gift to Ethan and therefore to me. As a junior, he is currently taking two Feather classes that are teaching him, in a most excellent way, how to make films. All this while still in high school?