Student section?

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Left to right, Wyatt Koop, '18, Cole Nale, '15, and Aaron DeWolf, '15, went crazy for FC's goal against Riverside HS, Jan. 23. The student section at yesterdays soccer game consisted of a total of three people and a couple wanderers throughout the whole game. Lets try and get more people out there next game [...]

Boys soccer vs. Riverdale

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Taylor Howard, No. 6, '15, cuts to his left foot to take the shot against Sierra High School. The varsity boys soccer team plays Riverdale High School today at 3 p.m. on the FC field. The boys lost their last game 5-1 against Parlier High School. For more photos, visit Go for the goal and [...]

Powerful prayer

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Aaron DeWolf, '15, and Trevor Trevino, '17, pray together during Thursday chapel after student speaker Andrew Guthrie gives his testimony. Worship team leader Daniel Garrison plays his guitar and sings while students pray together and reflect on what was said during chapel. For more photos, visit Speaker closer to home and Sister to Sister lunch

Terry Richards

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Terry Richards has been teaching at FCS for 15 years, but he has been teaching for 54 years. Before coming to FC he lived in the Los Angles area. He teaches Junior High science and also runs the brother to brother program, which links up a high school student to a junior higher. His favorite [...]

Soccer star

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Jarrod Markarian, '17, attempts to get the ball from his opponents, Jan. 21. The boys soccer team will play Riverdale HS at home tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. so make sure to come out and support your boys soccer team. For more photos, visit New baby on campus and Fly on the wall pt. 5.