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Fabio Vota serves as guest chef for Five Restaurant

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The city of Fresno received a special treat, March 30 and 31. Private chef from Los Angeles, Fabio Vota will serve as a guest chef at Five Restaurant in North Fresno. Vota and his wife Natalie travel back and forth from L.A. to Fresno since part of their family resides in the valley. Vota is originally from Salerno, a city in southern Italy and became interested in cooking at age 13 when he began culinary school. His father was the one who encouraged him to pursue this career and Vota loved it from the beginning.

FC golf looks to rebuild after successful season

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As winter sports have finally ended, the spring season brings forth a fresh array of sports. This spring, the FC golf team is looking to build from the 2014-2015 season successes. Last year, the team won league, and were area and section champions. However, they graduated three seniors with one player not returning. This year there are five new members to the team. Freshmen Jonah Lozano, Carson Cunnings, Reece Trevino and Alexander Rurik have joined the team along with junior Jacob Bynum. They are looking to returning players, Davis Borrego, ‘16, and Michael Cliff, ‘17, for leadership and advice.

CSF volunteers at Sophia Adoption Center, works with animals

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CSF decided to serve the community this weekend and volunteer at Fresno's local animal shelter. The ACT, or the Animal Compassion Team, is located at the Sophia Adoption Center and Training Facility. They are a non-profit, volunteer based company, and an organization that saves as many homeless pets as possible. The goal of the shelter is to provide wonderful families with wonderful pets and build bonds that will last for a lifetime. CSF volunteered on Sat. March 12 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. They served in groups. Each group helped with something different such as cleaning rooms, washing windows, and doing laundry. After helping freshen up the building, they got the opportunity to hang out with the animals, big and small.

Feather takes NYC: Day 4

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Moving with slow lethargic steps, staffers step out of the elevator, slowly wandering over to the lobby with regretful faces, wishing with all their might they could return to the folds of their bed. The team once again headed out of the hotel, however this time it was to gain wisdom and for some, to give out knowledge. The staff headed to Columbia University for the first day of the CSPA convention on a brisk yet beautiful morning, the sun just peaking out behind the buildings and stray clouds drifting though the sky.

COMMENTARY: Student explores Fresno’s 16th annual Chinese New Year Parade

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Crowds gathered in anticipation for the upcoming Chinese New Year Parade in the streets of Fresno’s Chinatown. Booths representing dozens of different companies and communities lined Fresno's F street. The Year of the Monkey parade had begun. The holiday of Chinese New Year occurs on the new moon day of the first lunar month. Each year, an animal is picked following the recurring 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle. The Year of the Monkey is the 9th animal on the cycle. Each year Fresno celebrates Chinese New Year with a parade. This year’s festival arrived on Sat. Mar. 5. I arrived at the festival at 10:00 am, only to learn the parade starts at 12:00. Streets were beginning to be blocked off, for floats and a safe walkway for visitors. Upon entering I found dozens of lowrider bikes in a neat row, and booths scattered around F street. I soon found myself searching through the booths and discovering new businesses, and foods.

Campus unites, rallies to fundraise for 29th Kids Day

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Before the sun rises, dedicated Kids Day volunteers claim their traffic intersections to catch the early morning risers, hoping to sell as many newspapers as possible, March 8. Across the valley, volunteers gather to sell the annual edition of Kids Day paper together with hands full of triple shot espressos and fresh made donuts. As the time passes and more cars fill the road, excited students, as well as organizations across the country, smile at the first sight of a car. This year marks the 29th annual Kids Day celebrated in the Valley. The funds raised by Kids Day has been extremely beneficial to patients at Valley Children's. With every Kids Day, more and more revenue is brought in each year. While the price for a newspaper on Kids Day is just one dollar, many donors have been very gracious and have exceeded the minimum price.

Home economics students complete annual pajama pants project

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Since the beginning of the second semester, students in home economics began to start the time consuming process of making pajama pants. Each student learns the skills of sewing from art and home economics teacher Sharon Scharf. Using sewing machines they learn the basic home skills to use as adults. The idea to hand make clothing came from interested students who wanted to learn the art of sewing from Scharf. Overtime the idea has evolved to making pajama pants. The students wanted to make something warmer and more comfortable to wear. For those who don't know how to sew, Sharf suggests that beginners learn the basics first. “To make pajama bottoms students need to know how to cut a pattern, to sew the pattern, how to finish a seam and how to sew straight seams while ironing after each," Scharf said. "If you need to repair a garment, learning how to sew is a very valuable ability to have. If you want to learn how to sew first you need instructions. Joanns actually organizes sewing classes to help get people started, youtube is also a good source to learn from."

49th World Ag Expo continues tradition

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After another year of hard work, farmers and dairymen across the world gathered together for the 2016 World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA. This year marked the 49th consecutive year that the popular farming event has been held. The entrance into the Ag Expo was congested with traffic. As we walked into the gate, children with boots and cowboy hats clung to their parents with wide eyes as they looked upon the countless tractors and booths of the show. For our family, making the trip to the expo is a bit like going to a rather large family reunion. It didn’t take long for us to see someone we knew. At almost every exhibit we stopped at, a family member or old friend would stop by to say hello. However it wasn’t just our family who felt at home in the dusty roads of the show. All around us, people were calling out to cousins, acquaintances or former classmates. Although the streets of the expo were flooded with thousands of people from different backgrounds and cultures, the event still had the feel of a community gathering.

Join the Discussion: Eastern and Western perspectives

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Eastern and Western culture contrast each other in a myriad of different ways. From values, ethics, and traditions, both cultures have endured and prospered. Besides having different traditions and language, what is acceptable in one culture may not be acceptable in the other. One aspect of this is shown in academics for Asian countries; learning focuses on STEM or science, technology, engineering, and math. Whereas American schools, tend to focus on critical thinking skills and creativity. These different values are part of what creates this diversity.

BRIEF: Ensemble to perform at Fresno Prayer Breakfast

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Throughout the school year, Bellezza, the Fresno Christian ladies' ensemble, has worked to reach the greater community through their music. Now, the ensemble is set to perform at the annual Fresno Prayer Breakfast, Feb. 23. The breakfast will be hosted at the Fresno Convention Center where nearly 1,500 guests plan to attend, including the mayor of Fresno, Ashley Swearengin. Bellezza teacher Susan Ainley learned of the opportunity to sing at the Prayer Breakfast from a Fresno Rescue Mission member. The Fresno Rescue Mission also helps organize the breakfast.