PROFILE: Tyler Villines leads football team with passion

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With the regular season behind them, the football team looks to head into the playoffs with passion and momentum. Perhaps no one is better to lead the team into a successful postseason than senior, team captain and quarterback Tyler Villines.

Friesen, Blowers join FC staff

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A new school year brings new teachers, as well as students. Diane Blowers joined the FC staff to teach seventh grade English and history and Amy Friesen now teaches JH Bible and math. This new teaching position gives Blowers the opportunity to combine her passions of teaching and pastoring, which she continues to pursue as well.

Junior competes with Fresno Junior Monsters hockey team

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Many students on campus are involved in sports and extra-curricular activities. Junior James White Jr. plays hockey, an aggressive and physical sport that few California high school students attempt. He first became interested in hockey when he went to a game at age nine, and ever since, he has played on a NorCal league hockey team. Currently he plays for the Fresno Junior Monsters.  

Brandon Brogan replaces injured player, excels in new roles

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Before the inception of his junior year, Brandon Brogan was intrigued by head football coach Russ Counts' push to make him their new placekicker. After former kicker Richie Cortez, ‘20, went down with torn meniscus injury, Brogan had to quickly learn the ins and outs of football, leading him to more opportunity on the field.  

Steve Villines grows in new campus role

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Steve Villines is the director of special projects on campus. He is involved with any renovation or special project on campus. Villines was a part of some projects such as the installation of LED lights in both the high school and elementary buildings, and also preparing our sports fields.   Planning for the school's future requires someone with vision and someone who is willing to work with others. Villines believes his role includes giving advice but also helping others establish their plans for the school.

PROFILE: Celeste Counts excels as libero on volleyball team

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As a fourth-year volleyball player, Celeste Counts brings her expertise and command of the court to the team. Young players look to her for guidance; she is a shining example of how to play with ease and aggressiveness.

Katie Reneau thrives in new role on campus

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Students need mentors to inspire them and build their confidence to succeed. Katie Reneau provides this support with an enthusiastic attitude. This year, math teacher Reneau takes on a new role with more responsibilities. In addition to teaching 7th grade math, she is now the Teacher on Special Assignment for Teacher Support and Development.​

PROFILE: McKensy Neal displays natural leadership skills

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Two years ago senior McKensy Neal arrived at FC in search of a close community with new experiences. Arriving at the school with a passion for singing and playing volleyball, Neal has become an influential member of both girls ensemble and the varsity volleyball team. Looked up to by many at the school, she has proven herself to be a leader on campus.

Profile: Carlee Whipple leads cheer team with passion, experience

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Sports teams involve many students on campus. However, on most athletic teams, the season only lasts a few months. Cheer is an exception to this, as it continues throughout the school year. A rigorous schedule and months of demanding work require team leaders, such as senior Carlee Whipple.

Mariana Fikse mentors teammates via kindness, actions

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Coming to a new high school presents difficulties, especially if students already knew each other in junior high. This was the case for senior Mariana Fikse coming to Fresno Christian as a freshman. One of the hardest things to do entering a new environment is settling in and making new friends, especially in Fikse's case as she commutes from her house in Madera to Fresno.

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