Student of the month: Deborah Ingerson

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English teacher Kyle Dodson chose Deborah Ingerson for Student of the Month based on the support she gives to her peers and the confidence she displays in her work. “Deborah Ingerson is a team player through and through,” Dodson said. “She is always there to support her peers to assist them in becoming the best possible version of themselves. I have always admired her positivity even in the face of struggles. She doesn't let the difficulties of life get to her. Deborah is a walking example of feeling confident enough to lay our baggage at the feet of God, knowing that he can help carry our woes. She is inquisitive, respectful, and motivated. I appreciate all that she stands for.”

Rylee Schwab 1st on CIF Central Section goals leaderboard

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Whether from a break away, set piece or cross, striker Rylee Schwab, No. 17, has put the ball in the net 45 times this season (Jan. 30). As a sophomore, she scores more than half of the Eagle's goals, and has earned 25 more than the next highest scorer in the division.

Jonah Lozano completes 12th season as WSL golf champion

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The golf season comes to an end and FC golf team members reminisce over a season of victories and losses. In his 12th season of high school golf, senior Jonah Lozano strives to grow in his skill and develop friendships with his teammates. Being one of the most skilled golfers on the team, Jonah plays in the higher competition for high school. At every practice, second-year FC golf coach Brent Deffenbacher offers correction and encouragement as seniors compete in their final season.

Three-sport athlete, Aaron LaCroix, leads team via passion, work ethic

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As the baseball season heads into full swing, senior Aaron LaCroix gears up for his last sports season of his high school career. As a three-sports varsity athlete, LaCroix hopes to bring his athletic ability onto the baseball diamond for his final season of high school sports.LaCroix has been playing sports at Fresno Christian for four years, beginning his sports season with football. Coaching him three out of his four years, Russ Counts explains what he admires about Aaron and why he will be missed on next year’s team.

Senior softball players lead team through encouragement, example

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The dirt leveled out, bases set up and the line up in place. As the girls warm up their arms, they get into the zone to beat their opponent.The softball team finished 9-10 last season with plans to continue a winning season this year. Two seniors lead the team, Macie Thompson and Alina Davila as they both played softball in past years.

Alexander Rurik leads tennis team, encourages others

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With the 2019 tennis season in full swing, senior Alex Rurik prepares for one final run at a valley championship. After falling one match short from the title a year ago, Rurik’s appetite for the title has exponentially increased. Rurik’s tennis career began in 7th grade. He participated because his friends were playing, and they helped him quickly become an excellent player.

Bethany Pouliot shows encouragement to teammates

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As school season winds down and students get in the habit of kicking back and relaxing, some choose to rise above. Senior Bethany Pouliot starts her second year on the Fresno Christian track team and excels in both her abilities and strengths.

Video journalist returns, invests in Feather video team

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Inspired by those who dedicated time helping him build his career, campus alumnus Jarrod Markarian, ‘17, invests his time mentoring current Feather video journalists. Returning to his high school alma mater, Markarian teaches video students on The Feather and uses situations from his past to help them be successful.

Brown leads tennis team toward Valley championship

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As the days grow warmer and the tennis season reaches its midpoint, Reese Brown, ‘19, continues to lead the campus team towards playoffs in his final chance at winning a championship. With the leadership of four other seniors on the team and a young core with playoff experience, Brown now believes that the team is capable of winning it all this year.

Josh Savage demonstrates artistic ability on paper

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While always pointing out details and appreciating things most children would not even notice, Joshua Savage has always had an artist’s eye according to mother Marylou Savage. Loving art from an early age and enjoying how many parts make up a masterpiece, Savage learned to draw with very little help. Attending Fresno Christian since kindergarten, Savage is known as a lifer on campus. Savage only took the usual art classes that FC provides including Art one, two and three. As Savage’s interest in art furthered his skills he explains how art intrigues him and what he loves most about it, including his favorite medium of art.