Ezekiel Fuller displays work ethic through on campus, off campus activities

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From practicing football to preparing fries at In-N-Out, Ezekiel (Zeke) Fuller ‘20 gives his all in what he participates in. As a member of the FCS football team for his second year, Fuller boasts the title of a team captain this season.

Megan Conner takes on campus drama program with creative ambition

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FCS junior high and high school drama teacher Megan Conner hopes to equip her students with a belief in themselves and their acting abilities. Through her new vision for the program, Spotlight Productions, Conner implores her students to act with both confidence and humility.

Aimee Castañeda displays passion through singing, performing

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At the beginning of her freshman year, junior Aimee Castañeda joined choir, unaware of the possibilities before her. From performing at Carnegie Hall in NY to local FC football games, choir opened up a door to vocal growth and musical potential. Castañeda first discovered choir at the last chapel of her eighth grade year. She saw an opportunity to advance her vocals and gathered inspiration to join a program bigger than herself.

Freshman Rachel Moate excels in varsity volleyball

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After her graduation from FCS in the 2018-2019 school year, Kamryn Schultz left her reputation on the volleyball court intact. Schultz, as a freshman, played volleyball for the varsity team. For a freshman, this opportunity only presents itself to a select few athletes. Joining Schultz on the list of those few athletes, freshman Rachel Moate joins the varsity girls volleyball team.

Karoline Sandberg pursues music, adjusts to US

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Coming from Denmark to the United States, sophomore Karoline Sandberg looks forward to the many different holidays, traditions and cultural events that America has to offer. In hopes of improving her English and meeting new people, Sandberg views her immersion experience as an opportunity to learn. With her English improving everyday and becoming confident in it, Sandberg's adjustment to America proves to be easy for her.

Blake Burdan tackles final football season

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As the Friday night lights shine on the field and football season heads into full swing, senior Blake Burdan gears up to tackle his last season. Heading into his final year of high school football, Burdan hopes to bring his athletic ability to the team and strives to win a Valley Championship one last time. Burdan began playing football in third grade for the Clovis Cowboys until he moved to Ontario, Canada at age ten. Continuing his love for football in Ontario, Burdan played for the Niagara Football League and for Blessed Trinity High School. After living in Canada for five years, he moved back to Clovis and started his sophomore year at Fresno Christian.

Jayna Roseno leads tennis team via encouragement, work ethic

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A summer afternoon goes by on the Fresno Christian tennis courts. While under the Fresno sun, the doubles tandem of Jayna Roseno, ‘20, and Hannah Villines, ‘21, begin the next game of their match. Roseno stepped up to the service line and widened her stance. She lobbed the ball in the air and pounded it toward the opposing service square. Just as it neared the square, the green sphere collided with the back of Villines' head. This moment remains one of Roseno’s favorites from her years on the tennis team.

Nathan Case shares passion for teaching, influences students

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Transferring from his previous position as a long-term junior high substitute, new biology and zoology teacher Nathan Case looks forward to the 2019-2020 school year. Stepping into his new role on campus, Case strives to influence each class in a positive and encouraging way. During his time in college, Case received an academic scholarship with a baseball scholarship at the end of his freshman year. He accepted the scholarships and followed up the next year at Fresno Pacific University.

Kayla Vanderlinden shines light on, off the court

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Either singing on the worship team, mentoring a junior high student in sister to sister, singing in a choir concert or on the volleyball court, senior Kayla Vanderlinden strives to be a light wherever life takes her. Vanderlinden began her athletic journey starting in the third grade, playing softball as second basemen. She played on a club team in Santa Clarita, California where she spent most of her childhood. One of Vanderlinden’s favorite memories took place after batting practice. Her grandma took her to the nearest Foster’s Freeze after nearly every practice and Vanderlinden always ordered a chocolate dipped cone. 

Student of the month: Deborah Ingerson

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English teacher Kyle Dodson chose Deborah Ingerson for Student of the Month based on the support she gives to her peers and the confidence she displays in her work. “Deborah Ingerson is a team player through and through,” Dodson said. “She is always there to support her peers to assist them in becoming the best possible version of themselves. I have always admired her positivity even in the face of struggles. She doesn't let the difficulties of life get to her. Deborah is a walking example of feeling confident enough to lay our baggage at the feet of God, knowing that he can help carry our woes. She is inquisitive, respectful, and motivated. I appreciate all that she stands for.”