PROFILE: Clovis North transfer finds purpose on team

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Completing the switch from Clovis North, a big public school with almost 1200 students in attendence, to a small private school, was a big step down for Senior Natalya Hill. She was surprised how closed and quiet Fresno Christian could seem at times. However, Natalya (also known as Tali around campus) helps people break out of their shells and become more welcoming. She continuously uses her voice to speak out about issues she had noticed throughout her time on campus.

Senior joins soccer team, hopes to make improvements

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The boys’ soccer team hits the field with vigor, beginning with pre-season training, games and even a tournament. Under new coach Garrett Markarian, the boys are determined to improve their league record.

Seniors show skill, dedication on the soccer field

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Soccer can be a time consuming and brutal sport, occupying the schedules of high school players. As seniors Nathan Mount and Jaden Ventura enter their fourth year of playing soccer at Fresno Christian, they experience the pressure of maintaining a balanced schedule and using their time wisely.

PROFILE: Erin Wilson proves determination, leadership

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Learning what family is like does not have to happen at home. For some, relationships can be forged through competition and shared experiences. Friends and teammates can become family. Senior Erin Wilson grew up playing basketball. She began in elementary school because her peers told Wilson her height bolstered her skills . Since then, she has continuously played up to her senior year of highschool, only taking a break during freshman year.

Profile: Jenna Bynum looks to pursue soccer after high school

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For some people, playing sports and being apart of a team are their main passions in life. From playing club soccer to supporting girls on the field, senior Jenna Bynum pursues playing the sport that she loves. Her involvement on the California Odyssey Club Soccer team motivates her to excel in pursuing a career in professional soccer. Bynum plays left defense for the California Odyssey Soccer Club, whose mission is to “elevate the passion and spirit of soccer and to help players learn to love and respect the game”. Since starting on the team, she has seen immense growth in her soccer abilities.

Ben Certain: Man behind the music

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Many people have seen the campus choir perform and stun audiences but few know about behind the scenes. Two years ago, director Susan Ainley played the piano for her choirs while conducting them at the same time--every day. She needed an accompanist to help drive her choirs.

Profile: Lauryn Tucker leads soccer, cheer teams

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From leading girls on the cheer team to taking charge on the soccer field, Lauryn Tucker, ‘18, demonstrates leadership in her involvement on campus. Soccer and cheer go hand in hand to motivate Tucker to be the best athlete she can be. Her guidance on both teams encourages her teammates to become excellent athletes and teammates.

PROFILE: Tyler Villines leads football team with passion

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With the regular season behind them, the football team looks to head into the playoffs with passion and momentum. Perhaps no one is better to lead the team into a successful postseason than senior, team captain and quarterback Tyler Villines.

Friesen, Blowers join FC staff

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A new school year brings new teachers, as well as students. Diane Blowers joined the FC staff to teach seventh grade English and history and Amy Friesen now teaches JH Bible and math. This new teaching position gives Blowers the opportunity to combine her passions of teaching and pastoring, which she continues to pursue as well.

Junior competes with Fresno Junior Monsters hockey team

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Many students on campus are involved in sports and extra-curricular activities. Junior James White Jr. plays hockey, an aggressive and physical sport that few California high school students attempt. He first became interested in hockey when he went to a game at age nine, and ever since, he has played on a NorCal league hockey team. Currently he plays for the Fresno Junior Monsters.  

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