Annabelle Messer overcomes injury, shows dedication to soccer

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Annabelle Messer excelled both on and off the field, but something that sets her apart is her work ethic and dedication to the sport of soccer. Despite a serious knee injury, she bounced back to help win the valley title this season.

Braden Bell leads tennis team, aims to persevere through crisis

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From winning a Valley championship in May 2019 to acting as ASB student body president, Braden Bell, ‘20, has accomplished many victories throughout high school. Whether on the courts or in the classroom, Bell remains involved in nearly every aspect of his scholastic experience. However, despite athletic and academic success, his dreams of another championship may be derailed. Growing up, Bell participated in a myriad of athletics including t-ball, track, tennis, soccer and volleyball. As an active child, Bell grew up competing alongside his family at the Fig Garden Swim and Racquet Club. Here, he received the opportunity to explore a newfound passion.

Mason Blowers exhibits talent in multiple sports, campus groups

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Enrolling in FCS halfway through his sophomore year, Mason Blowers ‘20 immediately took to the soccer field. Blowers’ excitement to play sports and music contributed to his transfer from Clovis High. Playing soccer since age 11, he brought his skill as a goalie to the FCS soccer team.

Bryson Graham breaks school record, earns The Fresno Bee Player of the Week

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During a matchup against Kings Christian, a school record was shattered following an Eagles three-pointer by  Bryson Graham, '21, Jan. 21. The junior made his tenth three-pointer of the evening, breaking the previous record of nine held by alumnus Tyler Breedlove, ‘16. Following this performance, Graham earned a nomination for The Fresno Bee winter sports Player of the Week, Jan. 20-25.

Hannah Villines uplifts basketball team, leads varsity players

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Playing basketball since elementary school, Hannah Villines, '21, leads the team through her third high school season. After losing six senior players, the junior strives to display leadership on and off the court.  Although Villines participated in various sports growing up, she continued to play basketball every year.

Arun Singh brings energy to the field, pushes team to compete

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Passing and shooting for over ten years, junior Arun Singh started playing soccer in his backyard at the age of six. His passion for "The Beautiful Game" led him to join a local club team at the age of ten and later compete on the FC field with the varsity boys team.  Coming off of the team's recent victory at the Garces Tournament, Singh anticipates finishing off his third high school season with a win. As a starting player since freshman year, Singh shares his strategies used out on the field.

Ellie Scully balances athletics, music, academics with determination

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Balancing multiple sports and academic work loads often appears as a challenge to high school students. Some feel the need to sacrifice extracurriculars, sports or individual interests in order to stay ahead in school. With a passion for music, athletics and academics, junior Ellie Scully embraces the activity while also prioritizing a balanced schedule. Scully’s fervor for athletics dates back to kindergarten when she began to pursue soccer. From there she gained an interest in various other sports including volleyball, softball, swimming and track, which she played during middle school and her first few years of high school.

Avery Jones exhibits leadership on, off the field

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Transferring back to Fresno Christian her freshman year, Avery Jones, '20, has played tennis, soccer, track and volleyball. But during the last two years, she has applied her focus on the volleyball court and the soccer field. 

Mason Beal pursues professional horse breeding

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The aspirations of most high school sophomores consist of distant goals which they hope to take on beyond high school. However, Mason Beal, ‘22, spends each school day keeping up with friends, school work and finishing his day on the family ranch, pursuing his goal of becoming a professional horse breeder. Beal, a fifth-generation trainer at Beal’s Quarter Horses, chases a career as a horse breeder and hopes to major in equine reproduction. Growing up on his family ranch provided Beal with first-hand experience and knowledge about breeding, training and ranch maintenance. 

Andrew Rieker excels in chamber choir, varsity soccer

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Soccer player, choir member, journalist, brother. These are only a few of the words used to describe junior Andrew Rieker. From a varsity soccer player to a chamber choir member, Rieker participates in various aspects of campus life.  While Rieker pursues choir and soccer outside of the classroom, her also works toward being accepted to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, earning a degree in aeronautical engineering. Andrews plans a career with Boeing and is interested in improving and constructing airplane engines.