PROFILE: McKensy Neal displays natural leadership skills

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Two years ago senior McKensy Neal arrived at FC in search of a close community with new experiences. Arriving at the school with a passion for singing and playing volleyball, Neal has become an influential member of both girls ensemble and the varsity volleyball team. Looked up to by many at the school, she has proven herself to be a leader on campus.

Profile: Carlee Whipple leads cheer team with passion, experience

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Sports teams involve many students on campus. However, on most athletic teams, the season only lasts a few months. Cheer is an exception to this, as it continues throughout the school year. A rigorous schedule and months of demanding work require team leaders, such as senior Carlee Whipple.

Mariana Fikse mentors teammates via kindness, actions

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Coming to a new high school presents difficulties, especially if students already knew each other in junior high. This was the case for senior Mariana Fikse coming to Fresno Christian as a freshman. One of the hardest things to do entering a new environment is settling in and making new friends, especially in Fikse's case as she commutes from her house in Madera to Fresno.

PROFILE: Endicott brings experience, determination to football team

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Football season has arrived, and the players brace the heat to train and practice. Boys rush the field once again, sweat pouring down their faces in an attempt to prepare for their upcoming game. A new season provides new challenges; a team that quickly needs to be rebuilt from scratch. Incoming players require a leader - someone they can count on for encouragement and mentoring. This year, senior Roman Endicott fills that role. Endicott uses football as a tool to destress, and is honored to be a part of the FC program. As an athlete he recognizes the family atmosphere that comes from bonding with his teammates, and the challenges that playing both offense and defense brings.

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