Rylee Schwab 1st on CIF Central Section goals leaderboard

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Whether from a break away, set piece or cross, striker Rylee Schwab, No. 17, has put the ball in the net 45 times this season (Jan. 30). As a sophomore, she scores more than half of the Eagle's goals, and has earned 25 more than the next highest scorer in the division.

Lin Brown continues service in FC library

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After working in the library for 31 years, Lin Brown continues to contribute to the school through her job as librarian and teacher. Brown graduated from Sierra High School in 1963 and went to Fresno City College to get her degree. She transferred to Fresno State, graduating with a B.S. degree in Child Development and a minor in Sociology.

Silva Emerian shares passion for fashion

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Along with her love for fashion, Emerian always enjoyed using her words to express herself. In school, writing intrigued her more than other subjects. During her senior year of college, she received a job at The Armenian Mirror-Spectator, a weekly newspaper in Boston.

Jacob Scully leads soccer team at new school

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Moving from Storm Lake, Iowa to Fresno, California, and arriving just before the start of the school year, senior Jacob Scully, captain of the boys soccer team enjoys his last year of playing high school soccer.

Brandon Brogan finishes out FC basketball career

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FCS lifer Brandon Brogan plays in his second and final year of basketball. Brogan is driven to push his teammates forward through the hard times of the season, aiming to run deep into playoffs. He started playing basketball for FC in elementary school, but took a break for soccer shortly after.

Freshman Tyus Parrish-Tillman tops national basketball leaderboard

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Late in the second quarter, Summit Charter's No. 23 drives down the lane, fakes left and jumps for the lay up. The ball leaves his hand, but the crowd erupts as No. 24 Tyus Parish-Tillman, '22, sends the ball in the opposite direction and starts a fast break for the Eagles.

Fikse gears up for final basketball season

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As the court switches from volleyball to basketball, senior Julia Fikse shifts from one sport to the next. Coming out of a 13-2 record on the volleyball team, Fikse stays in the gym to help her basketball team play in the newly joined East Sierra League.

Landon Goldsborough leads basketball team at center position

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As the 2018 FC basketball season begins, so does the final year of basketball for many seniors. One of these seniors, Landon Goldsborough, has played basketball ever since he was in the 4th grade. At this age, Goldsborough participated in an annual summer basketball camp.

Suky Cheema aspires to earn Valley title

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From being the loudest student in the Nut House to senior captain on varsity basketball team, senior Suky Cheema is a person easily seen and heard around campus. Caring, considerate and understanding are words Cheema would use to describe himself. 

Zamarripa gears up for last varsity season

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Coming from the tennis court and becoming a WSL champion, senior Ashley Zamarripa heads to the gym for one last basketball season. Ashley first played basketball for Upward Sports in first grade and continued playing when she enrolled at Fresno Christian her sixth-grade year. Zamarripa has played on varsity her past three years of high school and will continue her fourth year on varsity as well.  She tells her favorite thing about playing basketball and what she expects from her last season.

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