Alina Davila wins West Sequoia League match with doubles partner

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Coming out of the WSL (West Sequoia League) tournament as champions, Captain Alina Davila, ’19, and her doubles partner Ashley Zamarripa, '19 beat, Sarah Smith, '21, and Hannah Villines, '21, 2-1 in a best out of three match up.

Schmidt takes talent, work ethic to football

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With the regular season almost wrapped up, senior Griffin Schmidt looks to help his team capture another championship. Schmidt has never played tackle football befor e this season, but has played other sports such as soccer, basketball and baseball.One of the main reason he joined football is that of his parents. Schmidt chooses football over getting a job.

Fikse displays perseverance on the court

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Years of practice, grueling workouts and countless hours of training all lead up to this season for senior Julia Fikse. One of five senior volleyball girls, Fikse hopes her hard work and commitment pays off.

Game creator Kyle Friesen shows passion for hobby

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Tinkering with electronics and technology as a child, senior Kyle Friesen finds his passion in video gaming, whilst also creating a career out of the hobby. Friesen has attended FCS since kindergarten, making him a lifer. He enjoys the socialization, apart from video productions and history class, at school and feels it is necessary for later on in life and helps people become more well rounded.

Student of the Month: Owen McCann

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Every month The Feather highlights one individual from the student body who demonstrates exemplary character and or admirable dedication to classes or extracurricular activities. Teachers choose those who display the before mentioned characteristics in the classroom setting. The objective of the following article is to honor the effort of students to live by Caleb Code Standards: Seek Truth, Speak Life, Serve Others. Martin McCann, '22 or Owen, as his peers call him, gained recognition from his English teacher, Kyle Dodson. Dodson appreciates students that get involved and discuss what they learn in class. McCann earned the Student of the Month title for September because Dodson noticed the qualities of a hard working student.

Bellezza ensemble members flourish under director Susan Ainley

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After singing in front of thousands in New York's Carnegie Hall in April 2018, the girl’s ensemble prepares for festival performances in LA and Santa Barbara this year. The campus’ ensemble, Bellezza, welcomes new talent and aims for the highest scores possible. Choral director Susan Ainley has high hopes for this year’s team. She believes the ensemble group name “Bellezza”, meaning “beauty” in Italian, shows how much practice is put in to create a sound of beauty.

Profile: Schultz strives for excellence on and off court

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Striving to be a leader and honoring God in everything you do takes a lot of perseverance and faith. This is the type of human being Kamryn Schultz, ‘19, aims to be on the court and on campus. Schultz has been attending FCS for nine years returning after a four-year gap in sixth grade. Schultz is a senior volleyball captain, editor in chief at the Feather Online, a lead singer for the worship team, and vice president for ASB. She explains what her motivation and drive that determines to do so much.

Kayla Fermanian returns to FCS for her senior year

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Senior Kayla Fermanian left FC near the end of her eighth grade year. Fermanian and her mom were feeling the weight of their long commute and expensive tuition. Kayla shares about her reasons for leaving.

Sophia Kalugin shows positivity, learns trust in volleyball

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The 2018 volleyball season is officially in full swing, and for five of the varsity players, this begins their last high school volleyball endeavor. Senior Sophia Kalugin shares her appreciation for the sport and what it has taught her as she enters her last season. Kalugin started playing volleyball in fourth grade and has always received encouragement from her family, especially her mom who even coached her for a while.

PROFILE: Anthony Diaz values friends and family

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With the start of a new football season, and for many their last, senior Anthony Diaz shares his thoughts on his last season of football and what the sport means to him, both on and off the field. Diaz started playing football his sophomore year and credits his reason for joining the team to himself as well as his friends. Football is not a traditional sport in the Diaz household, but Shauna Diaz, Anthony’s mother, remembers her husband’s influence on Anthony’s decision to play the sport. “Anthony’s father played high school football and when he came back from the army, he even played football for Fresno State for awhile,” Shauna Diaz said. “Anthony’s father was a large influence on him because he’s always looked up to him, and Anthony wanted to make him proud by following his dad’s footsteps.”

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