PROMO: Winter sports rally honors campus athletic teams

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The annual winter sports rally takes place this Friday, Jan. 12., 2:30 p.m. The rally will highlight the winter sports teams including; boy soccer, girls soccer, boys basketball and girls basketball. The rally will include announcements, games and music.

PROMO: Apex fundraiser promotes fitness, leadership, character

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TKs through sixth graders prepare for fun and games as they anticipate the third annual Apex Fun Run. Students come together to learn character lessons and win fun prizes in their classrooms as they await the glow-in-the-dark themed Fun Run on Jan. 18. Apex Fun Run crew arrived on campus on Jan 8, visiting classrooms and teaching core values to the students. They emphasize the acronym UNITED, which stands for being unique, no excuses, inspiring others, being teachable, empathizing, and doing their best. Evan Crayton, an Apex staff member, believes that lessons on character help kids to become better students, athletes, and individuals.

PROMO: Student leadership hosts annual stuffed animal drive

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For the fifth year in a row, Fresno Christian will host a stuffed animal drive and Pajama Day, Dec. 15. Stuffed animals brought in will be donated to Valley Children's Healthcare. These stuffed animals will be given to patients that go through an operation or surgery. Used or dollar store stuffed animals will not be accepted.

FC Girls Basketball 2017

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Campus girls basketball is returning again this year for another season of action. This is the fourth consecutive year that there will be a high school girls basketball team, and the girls are looking to make the best of it. The team is still young and is looking to build a strong foundation for the team this season. Although the season is only just beginning, many of the girls have already put in hours of hard work and practice. The girls goal is to raise the bar and score higher than the previous years overall score of 7-20. They are putting large amounts of time, effort and commitment into this season to improve their league status.

PROMO: 98th Annual Fresno Veterans Day Parade, Nov. 11

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The 98th Annual Fresno Veterans Day Parade, the largest Veterans Day celebration west of the Mississippi River, occurs on Saturday, Nov. 11, in downtown Fresno. The Fresno Veterans Day Parade has acted as an event to honor those who lost their lives to protect America. The parade celebrates those who passed and those who currently sacrifice themselves for the safety of their country.

PROMO: Freshman leads Bible study

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Convicted to share the Gospel with his classmates, one student decided to follow his calling. Football player and young missionary Hunter Raynes, ‘21, ventured on a trip to Malta with Peoples Church in the summer of 2017. While in Malta, he felt a call to his heart to start a Bible study on campus. With fellow classmates rallying around him, Raynes put together a study of John and started meetings on Wednesday, Oct. 25, at lunch.

Promo: Football senior night, Oct. 27

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The varsity football team will look to finish off their season strong with their last home game against the California School for the Deaf for senior night. Seniors Daniel Avila, Roman Endicott, Brandon Krueger, Davey Short and Tyler Villines will be recognized for their hard work at on the FC field before the game, 7 p.m. Head coach Russ Counts' second season as the skipper for the Eagles. Counts' team is currently 4-0 in the Central Sierra (8-man) League and 5-4 overall.

PROMO: Bellezza Ensemble anticipates upcoming Westmont Choral Festival

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For the third year in a row, the Bellezza ensemble group plans to travel to Westmont College to participate in the Westmont Invitational Choral Festival. The pressure builds as they prepare to be critiqued by one of Westmont’s music professors and perform alongside boarding schools such as The Cate School and The Thacher School.

2017 FC football promo

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Varsity Football promo video for the 2017-'18 season. FC football kicks off home against Big Valley Christian HS, Friday, Sept. 8. Go out and support your Eagles! The FC varsity football schedule can be found here. The captains are Tyler Villines, '18, Roman Endicott, '18, Anthony Leonardo, '19, and Brandon Krueger, '18. the Eagles are under the leadership of head coach, Russ Cunts. Assisting counts this year are assistant coaches, Mike Zamarippa, and Brad Gage. The Varsity Football team is currently in the beginning phase of their transition to 11-man football.  Assisting counts this year are assistant coaches, Mike Zamarippa, and Brad Gage. The Varsity Football team is currently in the beginning phase of their transition to 11-man football. 

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