Dua Lipa defines pop music with Future Nostalgia

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In response to COVID-19 (coronavirus), national collegiate and professional sports, as well as many school districts and universities have suspended or canceled events over the last month. At a time when most entertainment is being postponed or cancelled, UK pop star Dua Lipa breaks the rules by releasing her second album, Future Nostalgia, a week early. With this release, I believe she solidified her name amongst the greatest pop legends and seems to channel past icons like Brittney Spears, Gwen Stefani and Madonna.

Book Review: Under a War Torn Sky

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Under a War torn Sky by L.M. Elliott is a historical fiction that tells the story of American Air Force pilot Henry Forester during WW2. Based in Europe and tasked with flying through enemy territory to bomb strategic locations, Henry is faced with the terror of the infamous German Luftwaffe. On one of these raids Henry and his fellow airmen are shot down behind enemy lines deep in German occupied France. 

COIN releases third studio album, ‘Dreamland’

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The album opens strongly with Into My Arms. This song brings memories of a long road trip to the beach and you finally reach the sea. The tune is accompanied by a music video, as well. It’s an absolute blast and will definitely be a go-to song for spring 2020.

Book Review: No Mission Is Impossible

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No Mission Is Impossible by Michael bar Zohar is the story of the Israeli special forces and the missions of this group. A relatively new country to the world around World War II, Israel was often hated by many of its neighboring countries. The story illustrates multiple stories from that time in history and how individuals dealt with these problems.

Tame Impala shakes up music world with ‘The Slow Rush’

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It's been five years since we heard a full project from Tame Impala. His 2015 cult-favorite album Currents introduced me to the psychedelic rock genre. Its influence smothered not only pop music, but hip-hop as well. Genius even calls Tame Impala "rap's favorite rock band". Tame Impala performs as a band, but all writing, vocals, instrumentation and production comes from Australian singer Kevin Parker.

Something Rotten explores journey of self-discovery, offers comical atmosphere

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Good Company Players presents Something Rotten, a musical-comedy taking place during the Renaissance era at Roger Rocka's Dinner Theatre, Jan. 16-March 15. Intertwining history and comedic elements, the "funniest musical comedy in at least 400 years", according to Time Out New York, surpassed expectations. Something Rotten follows two brothers, Nick and Nigel Bottom and their journey to out-write Shakespeare. This process of compiling a production with singing, dancing and recitations invites the audience into a 1590s passage to self-discovery.

New Kikku Kitchen location exceeds expectations, expands menu items

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Kikku Kitchen opened their doors 19 years ago on 2336 Tulare Street by owners Sylvia and Andri Wahyudi. The restaurant was voted to win a restaurant remodel and decided to bring their signature spicy crispy chicken to the north of Fresno. The Wahyudis made the decision to expand after numerous customers requested a location in the northern part of Fresno. After the couple's children were old enough to attend school, the pair decided to take action in opening a new location. 

Book Review: The Escape Artists

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The Escape Artists by Neal Bascomb illustrates the true story of Allied prisoners of war breaking out of the best German prison during World War 1, Holzminden. Constantly overshadowed by the brutality of the concentration camps of World War 2, POW camps during WW1 in Germany may not have had the atrocities of its successors camps but they were infamously hard to break out of. 

The Rise of Skywalker provides action sequences, lacks plot line development

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After over 40 years of storytelling, the Star Wars saga that began in 1977 ended with the installment of “The Rise of Skywalker”, released Dec. 20, 2019. As of now, this movie brought in over $981 million internationally. After viewing this conclusion of the saga, many questioned whether or not Disney created a worthy end to these movies that millions of people enjoy.