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COLUMN: Small stadium, new Chargers experience

By |2018-10-02T21:26:40-07:00October 2nd, 2018|Fall, Opinions, Sports Column|

After several losing seasons of disappointment and heartbreak, the Chargers needed a fresh start with a new audience. They chose to leave San Diego for a new beginning in the City of Los Angeles. After this move, I knew I wanted to find a way to view a game at this new location. However, after moving to LA, the Chargers organization needed to find a temporary home during the build of their new multi-billion dollar stadium. Stubhub Center got chosen as the team's interim home. The original intention came as the home for the LA Galaxy. Due to this, it only holds 27,000 people compared to the 70,000 fans experienced in San Diego.

COLUMN: Grizzly stadium offers entertaining gameplay, delicious food

By |2018-09-17T13:48:41-07:00September 17th, 2018|Athletics, Fall, Sports Column|

The Fresno Grizzlies, beat the Memphis Redbirds, 10-1, their last home game of the season, tying their playoff series, 1-1, on Sept. 12. Entering the night, they trailed the Redbirds 1-0 in the Pacific Coast League (PCL) Championship Series. The series is best-of-five with the first two games in Fresno and the next three in Memphis.

World of Sports: NHL expansion, season underway

By |2017-12-08T11:41:50-07:00December 7th, 2016|Athletics, Sports Column|

The 100th season of the NHL is now a quarter of the way complete and the Montreal Canadiens are leading the standings at 37 points. The New York Rangers and the Chicago Blackhawks have the second most, tied at 35 points. The Canadiens, Rangers, Blackhawks and Edmonton Oilers all lead their divisions, respectively. All of the divisions are close, but the Pacific division, while not far behind, needs to step up their game to avoid becoming a joke this season.

Team Canada captures world cup

By |2017-01-06T08:21:12-07:00September 29th, 2016|Sports Column|

After two weeks of intense clashing between countries, only one team came out on top. Team Canada raised the cup once again after topping Team Europe. The Canadians played the Europeans in a best out of three format. Team Canada’s highly skilled players crushed Team Europe’s dream of winning. Game one went to Team Canada, after a 3-1 victory. Their offense is always a threat, as Brad Marchand scored 2:33 into the game. Later, Steven Stamkos and Patrice Bergeron both tallied in one more goal. Team Canada’s defense was phenomenal, allowing only one goal on 33 shots.

2016 Olympics filled with controversy, record breaking performances

By |2016-08-24T08:36:57-07:00August 24th, 2016|Sports Column|

This past Sunday the summer Olympic Games wrapped up and left the world until 2020. There were so many memorable moments from these games. Viewers witnessed incredible performances from Simone Biles, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, and Katie Ledecky. Along with record-breaking showings from athletes, there was also an unexpected controversy concluding the games. There was also some major controversy revolving Ryan Lochte as he caused an international olympics scandal. Lochte is a four time olympian and was a very highly respected athlete. Lochte fabricated a story about him and three other olympic swimmers being robbed at gunpoint. One of the people involved in the scandal was forced to donate eleven thousand dollars to a Brazilian charity because of the story. Two of Lochte’s biggest sponsorships, Speedo and Ralph Lauren, have already dropped him off their roster.

World of Sports: Khan, McCollum display confidence, fearlessness

By |2016-05-10T08:23:41-07:00May 10th, 2016|Sports Column|

It was the bravest act in recent sports history. Amir Khan, a WBC Silver welterweight title holder, took on the heavier world champion, Canelo Alvarez. Khan jumped up to the middleweight division to challenge his opponent. From the beginning, Khan put up a fight using his quickness to maneuver around the ring, giving Alvarez all he could handle. It lasted until the sixth round when Alvarez hit Khan with a strong right cross knocking him out. While the match ended in a KO, Khan was commended for putting up such a great fight. He was expected to have won the match if he was not KOed in the end. This fight presented an important message for all athletes. No matter the size or skill of your competition, take them seriously and have confidence because you may come out with the win in the end.

World of Sports: Controversial video headlines NFL draft

By |2016-05-03T08:50:52-07:00May 3rd, 2016|Sports Column|

Every year, college players from across the nation have their lifelong dream fulfilled. The NFL Draft brings excitement, joy and hope for the elite college players. Even the underrated players will have a shot to play in the big league as many players enter the league as undrafted free agents. Some elite players that were undrafted include, Kurt Warner, Antonio Gates and "Night Train" Lane. This year's draft was pretty predictable although there was a huge uproar concerning one player and his use of social media. The Los Angeles Rams held the first pick in the draft. In desperate need of a quarterback, their pick was most likely between Jared Goff from Cal or Carson Wentz from North Dakota State. The Rams chose the 21 year old, Jared Goff with the No. 1 overall pick. Followed by Wentz, Jared Goff went to the Philadelphia Eagles, Joey Bosa went to the San Diego Chargers and Ezekiel Elliott went to the Dallas Cowboys.

World of Sports: Injuries plague top NBA playoffs

By |2016-04-26T10:23:32-07:00April 26th, 2016|Sports Column|

Last week the NBA world held their breath Stephen Curry, last year's reigning MVP, headed to the locker room early in Game one of the Warriors' first round playoff matchup against the Rockets. Concerned fans and hopeful haters listened anxiously for the verdict. Was it sprained? Broken? Or was it simple tweak? Later that night the Warriors released the news that Curry had sprained his ankle and would miss Game two. Social media went crazy talking about Curry and the Warriors, saying that they would not win the championship without him. Luckily for the Warriors, Curry was eventually able to return to the floor for Game four. It was not very long before Curry again was headed to the locker room early, but not for his ankle this time. Curry caught some bad luck and slipped on a wet spot in the middle of the floor, spraining his right knee. Fans again found themselves holding their breath for Curry but were quickly able to breathe again as MRI test results showed no torn ligaments or muscles. It has been released to the press that Curry will be out for at least another two weeks and then be reevaluated.

Chicago Cubs look to end record World Series drought

By |2017-12-08T12:17:31-07:00April 20th, 2016|Athletics, Sports Column|

For 108 years, the Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series. Yes, you read that right; 108 years. The Lovable Losers have not even played in it since 1945, 70 years ago, when they lost to the Detroit Tigers in seven games. This drought is the longest streak in the four major sports. Many other teams have already won their share of World Series, including the Miami Marlins and Arizona Diamondbacks, who joined the MLB in ‘93 and ’98, respectively. So what’s the deal with the Cubs Thing? An amazing eleven Cubs players have joined the Hall of Fame since 1946, behind only the Yankees. With so many good players, a huge fan base and a great television deal, they have to win sometime, right?

World of Sports: Warriors break record, Kobe shines in finale

By |2016-04-19T09:06:51-07:00April 19th, 2016|Sports Column|

A night that only comes once in a lifetime. April 13th featured the breaking of a long time record and the end of an era to one of the games' greats. The Golden State Warriors broke the 1995-'96 Chicago Bulls' season record of, 72-10. With a win against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Warriors finished the season, 73-9. While this was an impressive accomplishment, the game was easily ignored due to another game happening that same night. Kobe Bryant played in the last game of his 20 year career. The NBA's third all time scorer announced his retirement back in 2015. Since the NBA resumed after the All Star break, Bryant's games were counted down. There was tons of anticipation for the last game as the Lakers were facing the Utah Jazz. The game was held at the Staples Center and the prices for tickets started as low as, $900 but were be sold for as much as, $25,000. The Lakers got off to a slow start and they trailed the Jazz, 57-42 at halftime; but then, Kobe Bryant caught fire. He scored 23 points in the fourth quarter as he helped the Lakers rally back to a, 101-96 win.

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