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Join the Discussion: Calvin Crest 2019

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Immersed in class bonding activities and wilderness trails for a week, the class of 2024 returns from Calvin Crest with an expanded knowledge of God and of the natural world. From Crazy Hair Night to Loggers Jamboree, students participated in activities and challenges that spurred class unity. FC eighth grade students have been venturing up to Calvin Crest for over 30 years. Under the leadership of teachers Hallie Rojeski and Terry Richards, the annual camp traditions and stories have endured. With Richards out of school due to illness and Rojeski retiring at the end of the school year, the program looks to a new generation of teachers to continue the legacy left by both instructors.

Karoline Sandberg pursues music, adjusts to US

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Coming from Denmark to the United States, sophomore Karoline Sandberg looks forward to the many different holidays, traditions and cultural events that America has to offer. In hopes of improving her English and meeting new people, Sandberg views her immersion experience as an opportunity to learn. With her English improving everyday and becoming confident in it, Sandberg's adjustment to America proves to be easy for her.

National Constitution Day celebrates American democracy, Sept. 17

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The American dream: an idea that living in America provides equal opportunity; the opportunity to make nothing into something through hard work. In other words, the story of "rags to riches” is celebrated on National Constitution Day. Spurred by this idea or "dream", immigrants began to flood to America in the 19th century. Another reason to come to America was this idea of freedom, this soon made America a melting pot, filled with different cultures, beliefs and diversity. 

NYFD first responder, Andy Isolano, speaks during California 9/11 Memorial

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Honor. Educate. Remember the 2,977 lives lost: 2544 civilians, 343 firefighters, 71 law enforcement officers and 19 hijackers. To honor the memory of those who died and celebrate the heroics of first responders, millions gather together all over the country to remember this landmark date in U.S. and world history. The attacks on September 11, 2001, on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania are classified by as the deadliest terrorist attack in American history. 

Jayna Roseno leads tennis team via encouragement, work ethic

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A summer afternoon goes by on the Fresno Christian tennis courts. While under the Fresno sun, the doubles tandem of Jayna Roseno, ‘20, and Hannah Villines, ‘21, begin the next game of their match. Roseno stepped up to the service line and widened her stance. She lobbed the ball in the air and pounded it toward the opposing service square. Just as it neared the square, the green sphere collided with the back of Villines' head. This moment remains one of Roseno’s favorites from her years on the tennis team.

COLUMN: President strives for inclusivity

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The effects of loneliness and lack of confidence either guides a person to seek change or further alienates and isolates the individual or group. Thrust into the fast-paced and challenging reality of high school, I joined the Fresno Christian campus my freshman year, hoping for relationships that would last a lifetime. 

‘Lover’ unveils story of transformation, contrasts previous album

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Ten-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Taylor Swift wins over the hearts of her followers with timeless breakup songs and catchy tunes. In 2017, Swift revealed a new version of music with a darker, more adult-sound. Based on the fall of her reputation in the midst of celebrity feuds, Swift named the album Reputation. As said in an interview at Town Hall for SiriusXM, Swift used her character reinvention to sort and process her persona transformation, transitioning into a place to write Lover, her fresh new album. Lover released Aug. 23 and contains 18 songs, more than she’s ever placed in one album. The album embodies many lighthearted and more pop-themed sounds from her fourth album, Red. “I once believed life would be burning red but it’s golden," Swift said. This line from Daylight, a song from her 2019 album, shows Swift’s outlook on life since the Red era. 

Kayla Vanderlinden shines light on, off the court

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Either singing on the worship team, mentoring a junior high student in sister to sister, singing in a choir concert or on the volleyball court, senior Kayla Vanderlinden strives to be a light wherever life takes her. Vanderlinden began her athletic journey starting in the third grade, playing softball as second basemen. She played on a club team in Santa Clarita, California where she spent most of her childhood. One of Vanderlinden’s favorite memories took place after batting practice. Her grandma took her to the nearest Foster’s Freeze after nearly every practice and Vanderlinden always ordered a chocolate dipped cone. 

EDITORIAL: Role models guide, influence teens through actions

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Scrolling through Instagram once again, the young girl clicks off her phone, tired of seeing the images of flawless skin, thin bodies, and trendy aesthetics, but longing to be like them. Wincing at the image, she sees in the reflection of her blank screen. She sighs while rising to start her skin care routine, ignoring the hunger pangs. As young people fix their eyes on celebrities, often the focus of mainstream media, many teens begin to develop a warped view of what a role model should be. Although certain celebrities possess valuable qualities, these famous individuals should not be idolized simply for their social status.