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Yamaguchi reflects on time spent in Japanese relocation camps

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On Dec. 7, 1941, the United States Naval Base, Pearl Harbor, was taken by surprise when Japanese planes attacked, killing more than 2,300 Americans. This caused anxiety to grow as well as prejudice against minority groups back in the states, especially the West Coast. The government feared Japanese-Americans and immigrants might help Japan by sending in materials and information about the states.

Campus winter sports preview 2017-18

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The winter sports season is upon us and all of the coaches are looking to prepare their players for the long season ahead. With a tougher slate of games for all teams that participate in winter sports, it will be a test of their heart and determination.

Roman Endicott, column: It’s up to us to shape our environment

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A few summers ago I was on a cruise headed towards the Catalina Islands when things didn’t go exactly as planned. I woke up in the middle of the night in a fit of panic, with my hand over my mouth running towards the bathroom. I finally made it, but ended up regurgitating the bad pizza I ate from the previous evening.

Zoology and AP biology visit Monterey Bay Aquarium

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While most people were still sleeping students from AP biology and zoology were already ready to leave for Monterey Bay Aquarium at 6:45 a.m. This field trip was led by Dr. Walters who is the teacher for both classes. This is her fourth year of teaching at Fresno Christian and she has taken her students on this trip all four years. Each year she brings in new elements to the trip. Her first year she only took zoology students and it wasn’t until the second year that she took both.

Teens discuss qualities of a hero

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With Veterans Day just past and the deadliest year of California wildfires ending, many may consider the qualities of a hero. Fresno Christian students and teachers weigh in on this question. Each Veterans Day week, Paul Loeffler interviews a WWII veteran during chapel. Bryson Graham, '21, reflects on the heroic qualities of this year's vet, George Poplin, and of CalFire firefighters. For Graham, perseverance and self-sacrifice are two important heroic traits.

COLUMN: Sophomore mourns over loss of friend, pt. 2

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After going through a normal school day, guest writer Richie Cortez, ‘20, discovered a friend from another school had committed suicide. Cortez explained how it affected him throughout his first column: COLUMN: Sophomore mourns over loss of friend. Our conversation ended and he prayed for me. He prayed for Clovis East, the family going through this difficult time and for people to stay strong. When he finished I thanked him for what he did. He walked me back on campus into the building and I told the office I was going back to class.

98th Fresno Veterans Day Parade seeks to honor veterans, recognize service

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The 98th Fresno Veterans Day Parade was held in downtown Fresno, Nov. 11. A Black Hawk helicopter and three vintage Air Force planes flew over downtown, beginning the parade just after 11 a.m. This year, Fresno’s celebration ranks as the largest Veterans Day Parade in the nation with more than 20,000 people participating, For years, the Fresno event was touted the largest west of the Mississippi River.

Japanese-American internment survivor recalls life during WWII

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Editor-in-Chief Alexander Rurik, ‘19, chose to interview Japanese internment survivor Sachiko Tokubo in light of the 76th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This is the first of three articles showcasing the stories of those affected by prejudice following the Japanese attack, December 7, 1941. During World War II (WWII), many minority groups living inside the US were affected by war time hysteria, experiencing prejudice and hostility. For Japanese-Americans, this bad blood heightened after the Japanese bombed the United States Naval Base, Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941.

WWII veteran George Poplin shares story, inspires others

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Soldiers trekked through the snow, bundled up to keep out the bitter cold. In the distance artillery boomed like thunder, threatening anyone who dared approach. While people may be able to picture this event in their minds based off of war films or documentaries, World War II veteran George Poplin knows the scene all too well. Each year in honor of Veterans Day, Paul Loeffler, the host of local radio show Hometown Heroes, invites a local WWII veteran to speak at chapel. This year he interviewed George Poplin, the great-grandfather of three FC students.

PROMO: 98th Annual Fresno Veterans Day Parade, Nov. 11

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The 98th Annual Fresno Veterans Day Parade, the largest Veterans Day celebration west of the Mississippi River, occurs on Saturday, Nov. 11, in downtown Fresno. The Fresno Veterans Day Parade has acted as an event to honor those who lost their lives to protect America. The parade celebrates those who passed and those who currently sacrifice themselves for the safety of their country.

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