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College Corner: FAFSA workshop benefits

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As we ring in a new year, new adventures and responsibilities await seniors. Application deadlines have come and gone, but one deadline still remains: the FAFSA deadline. You may ask what is FAFSA? FAFSA stands for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This will likely be a new term for many parents and students who have not experienced the college application process before.

Retired MLB pitcher assists campus baseball program

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Spring approaches and athletes prepare for their upcoming seasons playing baseball, tennis and track. Coaches and players anticipate upcoming games and practices. After the last year’s baseball team won the first baseball valley championship in campus history, head varsity coach Noah Heinz seeks to repeat last year’s success. The team only lost two players last season, Connor Martin, ‘19, who transferred to Clovis North High and multi schooler Jorge Castro, ‘17, who graduated high school.

Nation pauses to remember Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Martin Luther King Jr., born with the name Michael Luther, was a baptist minister and a social activist that played a lead role in the American Civil Rights Movement. Throughout the 1900s, people of color were held lower than others even though they were freed from slavery. Schools, public bathrooms and even drinking fountains were different for each type of person.  The buildings and amenities for black people were poorly maintained and in very bad condition.

Boys basketball kicks off league play with win

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Returning from three weeks off of school, the boys basketball program competed against Parlier in the league opener, Jan. 9, winning 45-43. Both varsity and junior varsity aim to do well in the league portion of the season.

Breaking Through: The old man on Waikiki Beach

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I was singing along with my Swiss friend Brian’s Ukulele on the beach of Waikiki, waves lapping on the shoreline orchestrated and embellished my singing melodiously. The sun had faded from the horizon to another side of the Pacific Ocean, spilling twilight out, illuminating the broken clouds into purple and gold. The rest of the clouds were blue and stretched across the endless canopy of the sky.Purple was the sky fire; gold was the dusk, which backgrounded the magic of the cosmos. Our song ended. We laughed to appreciate this gorgeous memory that we shared, thinking that we would look back at this very moment years later. I cheered for us.

View from the outside: Nick LeBlanc

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Even though it feels like I just graduated high school, I am already done with my first semester of college. I am attending Saint Mary’s College of California and am working towards a Business Administration degree. I had many ups and downs during my first few months but I felt that my first semester of college was average.

Editor-in-chief exposed to homelessness in San Francisco

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During the month of July, editor Sam Cross attended the journalism camp, Newsroom by the Bay, at Stanford University. After two days of instruction, the student journalists spent a day in San Francisco to find and write a story. Cross decided to write about homelessness as he saw the issue worsening in his own community.  Litter crinkles beneath the feet as commuters fight their way through the city, the smell of rotting rubbish fills the air, and to many San Franciscans, these streets are home.

BRIEF: Students and Feather staff enter Christmas vacation

By | 2017-12-18T17:43:37+00:00 December 18th, 2017|News, Top 5, Winter|

After a semester packed full of activities and school events, The Feather Online’s staff will be taking a break along with the rest of the student body during Christmas Vacation, Dec. 18 - Jan. 8. This year Feather staffers covered events from homecoming to Fresno SJV Town Hall events. From the first girls tennis playoff game on campus in years to the Eagles football championship game, The Feather also kept students updated on campus sports, upcoming activities and spotlighted stories on individual students and staff.

Campus soccer teams place in annual tournament

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Each year the FC high school soccer teams travel to Bakersfield to compete in the Garces Holiday Soccer Festival tournament. This year, both the girls and boys teams felt optimistic about their chances going in an excited to play after heavy rains forced the tournament to be canceled last year. Kicking off the tournament, both soccer teams left the campus at 11 a.m., Dec. 15, for the annual tournament. Both teams arrived at Wonderful College Prep Academy (WCPA) for the first game. The girls won WCPA 9-1 with five goals from freshman Rylee Schwab while the other four came from Bekah Micu, ‘20, Deborah Ingerson, ‘20, and Lilian Fuller, ‘19.

COLUMN: Roman Endicott discusses life choices

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Dear individual reading this article, congratulations. We made it past finals! This year is coming to a close, and with it, the first semester has already concluded. The end of the calendar year is a great excuse for us to do some deep reflection and to set goals for the next one. If you have ever made a New Year’s resolution, you probably know just as well as the rest of us that they don’t typically last very long at all. Whether we wanted to start hitting the gym or cut down on the caffeine, we usually find ourselves back where we started before long.

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