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Living to see the dream, community remembers Martin Luther King, Jr.

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At the height of the 1963 civil rights movement, he addressed 250,000 listeners in his “I Have a Dream” speech. The pastor preached his vision for freedom and equality for all. The pastor campaigned for freedom and equality. Community and national leaders continue to pursue Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream of equality and freedom for all. However, in the Fresno community, leaders still look to continue to fulfill King’s ideology. Senior pastor of Saint Rest Baptist Church, David J. Criner Jr. shares Dr. King’s ideologies and philosophies. Criner began preaching as a ten year old and has lead the church since 2013. He also teaches as a adjunct professor at Fresno Pacific University.

Lindsay Weimer shares success story of cancer battle, part 1

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Campus junior overcomes Ewing's Sarcoma “I think it was probably shock, this can’t be happening again,” Matthew Weimer said, “Especially when they said that the blood test was fine, but the x-ray was not. And then the biopsy was bad." Junior Lindsay Weimer and her father, Matthew Weimer, open up about Lindsay's [...]

Sophomores make college preparations during second semester

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School, sports, church, time with friends and a myriad of activities fill the daily lives of high school students. For many sophomores, college either occupies little thought or seems an unaddressable worry. However, tenth-grade students have options to prepare and gain an advantage for college during this second semester.

Disneyland raises prices before new land opens

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At the beginning of January 2019 Disneyland Resort in California raised their park ticket prices over a 10 percent increase on most tickets and nearly 20 percent for the top tier annual pass. This current inflation quickly follows their last price raise just 11 months ago, which rose tickets nearly 8 percent.

Alina Ochoa serves residents at Holiday Retirement

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Students all over high school campuses find jobs at fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and animal shelters to earn money and gain work experience. Rather than pursuing the usual route, senior Alina Ochoa chose to seek work at Holiday Retirement Home. Ochoa works as a server at Holiday, serving food at mealtimes and helping to carry any belongings for the residents. Besides learning life skills, Ochoa gains friendships and work experience.

Editorial: Role of student leadership

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In American government circles, representatives intend to benefit their voters through passing legislation. Student leaders represent their peers in the same sense. Group participations in planning school events and themes prepare all for the responsibilities of future careers. Student leaders serve their peers through voting on school events, communicating needs to administration and leading by example.

Feather continues to compete, looks to engage with community events

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FC progresses into the second semester of the 2018-’19 school year. Students of the journalism program continue to compete in competitions and review judges critiques. The Feather prepares for the annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association and National Scholastic Press Association's conventions that take place March 20-22 and April 25-28, respectively. CSPA judges nominated The Feather Online for a digital crown award. The staff waits to hear from the NSPA association on a potential Pacemaker nomination.  

Recap: Students share Christmas break activities

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On the last day of first semester, students watched the Christmas themed film Elf to celebrate the upcoming break from school. The three week break allows staff and students time to celebrate Christmas and New Years. During break, various teams continued to practice and sharpen skills. Winter athletic teams participated in tournaments including boys and girls soccer and basketball teams.

Campus teacher shares personal story of faith, hope

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In the fall of 2014, Campus elementary teacher Matthew Weimer’s wife, Heidi, passed away and went to be with the Lord. At the time, he was my 8th grade English teacher and had been my fourth grade teacher as well. Spurred on by a series of unfortunate occurrences within my own family, I desired to ask Weimer why he continues to choose to live the way he does.

COLUMN: My experience in the Holy Land of Israel

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Journalist Carston Saelzler shares memories and stories of recent journey to the Holy Land This is the introduction article to an opinion series about Carston Saelzler's, '21, 12-day trip to Israel, Nov. 26-Dec. 6, 2018. In this article he shares memories and experiences from different days the trip. To read the more articles about Saelzler's [...]

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