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Profile: Carlee Whipple leads cheer team with passion, experience

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Sports teams involve many students on campus. However, on most athletic teams, the season only lasts a few months. Cheer is an exception to this, as it continues throughout the school year. A rigorous schedule and months of demanding work require team leaders, such as senior Carlee Whipple.

Home Ec. teacher looks forward to second year on campus

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Relatively new to campus, Kimberly Bell is happy to be a part of the school. Having only taught one year so far, Bell is looking forward to her second year of teaching home ec. Bell hopes to improve teaching students things that they might not be able to learn in high school.

Hometown Heroes honors veterans for service, valor

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World War II, it was the war that would define a generation. Known as the greatest generation, these people endured one of the most atrocious wars our world has ever seen. Now this generation that preserved our freedom is dying out and with them the memory of what happened in that fateful war. This is why broadcast journalist Paul Loeffler runs his program HomeTown Heroes, a show dedicated to telling the stories of veterans. Loeffler believes it is important to keep the memories and stories of the generation alive. He wants to show others that there are heroes hidden within their own community.

History of campus’ hot lunch service

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School lunch programs tend to vary between delicious and disgusting. At Moving Feast Catering, their goal is to create healthy options that kids enjoy. From the “wacky breakfast” meal to fettuccine alfredo, a variety of options are available to choose from. With meals tailored around what students like, it's no wonder why this lunch program is a hit. Moving Feast Catering was founded in 2004 by Doreen Key to meet the needs of local Adult Day Health Centers. Key was working as the in-house Dietician for an ADHC planning their meals and contraction with local restaurants. When a local restaurant owner told her “ With all the work you're doing, you should just start your own business.” She consulted her husband and Moving Feast was born.

10-day Malta missions trip presents opportunity of faith, action

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At the crack of dawn, a group of 10 campus students along with 20 other individuals from the community met at Peoples Church to drive to the LAX Airport, July 21. The team flew on a 13-hour flight to Malta International Airport where they would start a brand new adventure serving the people of Malta on a missions trip.

PROFILE: Endicott brings experience, determination to football team

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Football season has arrived, and the players brace the heat to train and practice. Boys rush the field once again, sweat pouring down their faces in an attempt to prepare for their upcoming game. A new season provides new challenges; a team that quickly needs to be rebuilt from scratch. Incoming players require a leader - someone they can count on for encouragement and mentoring. This year, senior Roman Endicott fills that role. Endicott uses football as a tool to destress, and is honored to be a part of the FC program. As an athlete he recognizes the family atmosphere that comes from bonding with his teammates, and the challenges that playing both offense and defense brings.

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