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Hallie Rojeski retires after 31 years, shares memories of teaching

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When describing the career and accomplishments of Hallie Rojeski, one could say that the word “teacher” is an understatement. After hearing her life story, some might find that it is nearly impossible to ascribe a single descriptive adjective to her name.  Rojeski grew up in Denver, CO with her parents and two younger siblings. As the daughter of a WWII veteran, she spent the first year of her life with only her mother before her father returned home from the war. 

Civilians around world share COVID-19 experiences, struggles

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The current coronavirus situation of 2020 differs greatly from the Wuhan-originated sickness that caused a plethora of missing toilet paper, xenophobia and threats of cancelled sports seasons. Now a pandemic earning a spot in the history books, COVID-19 impacts every aspect of civilian life, from one-on-one communication to the freedom to leave one’s house. According to The New York Times, as of May 15, new cases of coronavirus were decreasing in 19 US states, increasing in three and remaining the same in the other 28. According to Worldometer, there are 4,904,566 total global coronavirus cases, out of those, 320,326 are dead and 1,916,024 have recovered.

Senior Reflection: Serena Zhao

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Life is strange. I will never forget the afternoon when my mom asked me to study abroad in the United States. A journey filled with ups and downs and surprises and struggles awaited me when I answered “yes” without even thinking because people all say studying in the United States will be easier than Chinese schools. I used to be a stubborn and prideful person. In China, I never failed to meet the teacher’s requirements and was on top of everything among academic achievements. I, of course, had lots of leadership positions in the school.

Annabelle Messer overcomes injury, shows dedication to soccer

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Annabelle Messer excelled both on and off the field, but something that sets her apart is her work ethic and dedication to the sport of soccer. Despite a serious knee injury, she bounced back to help win the valley title this season.

COLUMN: International student shares bilingualism benefits, learning Vietnamese

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With some scholars estimating over 7,000 spoken languages globally, the benefits of learning a new language will unlock the culture of those who speak it. That's why learning a foreign language at school is a 'must' in many native English-speaking countries and many will find a case for Vietnamese.

Earth Day promotes climate change awareness, raises support through livestreams

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Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day marks its 50th anniversary this year, April 22, 2020. Earth Day Network is led by board members across Finland and the United States. However, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 around the globe, instead of the regular community events, organizers and the network announced to conduct the first Digital Earth Day in order to protect the health and safety of volunteers and participants.

COLUMN: Senior shares encouragement for class of 2020 during quarantine

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As a fellow senior, I feel your frustration, your anger, sadness, disappointment and even your nostalgia. I feel your need for validation of your feelings. As schools extend their closures, make the decision to not complete the fourth quarter, and the nation extends the quarantines and shelter-in-places, I understand that we can’t help but feel more and more discouraged.