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Gen. John F. Kelly speaks at SJV Town Hall about drug epidemic, time in White House

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General John F. Kelly, United States Marine Corps (retired) spoke at the latest SJV Town Hall, Jan. 16. Kelly shared from his experience of 45 years of military service and two years in the White House.

EDITORIAL: Civilian action trumps political opinion, discourse inspires empathy

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The world has high hopes for the new decade as millions anticipate the Summer Olympic Games, the Mars 2020 Mission and the rise of the high speed rail. As the US braces itself for a plethora of new films, music and sports events, it also makes way for the 59th annual US election year. True to the common saying, actions often speak louder than words. Although voting is part of an American’s freedoms, when a vote is not backed up by action, it amounts to nothing but weight in the ballot box. Voters’ goals are transformed into reality when they initiate change, rather than waiting for a politician to act on their behalf.

Avery Jones exhibits leadership on, off the field

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Transferring back to Fresno Christian her freshman year, Avery Jones, '20, has played tennis, soccer, track and volleyball. But during the last two years, she has applied her focus on the volleyball court and the soccer field. 

Australia residents suffer amidst bushfire season, native wildlife perishes

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A red sun glows over New South Wales (NSW), Australia as the most catastrophic fires in the country’s history ravage the soot-stained earth. Millions of animals flee the forests and plains to escape the bushfires singing over 24 million acres of Australian landscape (larger than Long Island and Manhattan combined). An estimated one billion animals have already perished and as Australia is just beginning their summer season, the flames show no signs of stopping.

Adam Smith begins coaching boys soccer team midseason

By |2020-01-17T09:51:57-08:00January 13th, 2020|Athletics, Top 5|

With only a few weeks before league play starts, the 8-3 boys soccer team learned who their new head coach would be: Adam Smith, Fresno's first-ever full-time professional coach. Smith steps into the high school world straight from coaching the now-defunct Fresno Football Club, a professional team in the USL.

COLUMN: Vietnam is more than a war

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The daily life of residents of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) gives me a very familiar and simple feeling. The lifestyle and pace in Vietnam is always bustling. At only six in the morning, traffic is crowded, the voices of people's laughter bounce between the tall buildings and bartering echoes in the streets.

COLUMN: Dedication, discipline, passion provide key to success

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Firefighter, astronaut, movie star - all jobs children often aspire to when they grow up. Time and time again, children cling to these classic occupations glamorized by TV shows and movies. Often enough, the longing for these “dream jobs” result from the perception that these occupations will usher in fame or the feeling of changing the world in young kids’ lives.

Sid Craig School of Business prepares students for worldwide business, opportunities

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Fresno State department offers business experiences, internships to campus students The Sid Craig School of Business at Fresno State University equips students with business experience and opportunities across the globe. While only 10 percent of Fresno Christian students attend California State University, Fresno, one of the reasons to stay in town [...]

Plagiarism affects teachers, unprepared students

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You arrive home late from your basketball game with three papers due tomorrow, and finals within the next two days. Daunted by the seemingly impossible task ahead, you turn to searching published works on the internet. Copying and pasting three or four different phrases, you doubt your teacher will even notice.