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Student of the month: Deborah Ingerson

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English teacher Kyle Dodson chose Deborah Ingerson for Student of the Month based on the support she gives to her peers and the confidence she displays in her work. “Deborah Ingerson is a team player through and through,” Dodson said. “She is always there to support her peers to assist them in becoming the best possible version of themselves. I have always admired her positivity even in the face of struggles. She doesn't let the difficulties of life get to her. Deborah is a walking example of feeling confident enough to lay our baggage at the feet of God, knowing that he can help carry our woes. She is inquisitive, respectful, and motivated. I appreciate all that she stands for.”

Looking back on the 2018-2019 school year

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Students go through their high school experience participating in sports, clubs, extra-curriculars, and performing arts. The mission of The Feather Online is to record and report on these events, preserving them online. As the new year begins, the Feather staff reminisces the 2018-2019 school year and highlights some notable moments and accomplishments.

Convocation starts year, unites students

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Kicking off the school year with a time of worship and prayer, the student body gathered in the People’s Church main auditorium before school started, Aug. 12.  Superintendent Jeremy Brown welcomed students and families back to school by sharing the theme bible verse for the 2019-2020 school year, Phillipians 4:8.  Alumna and secondary principal, Amy Deffenbacher, ‘94, shares why she values the feeling of community during convocation. Although FCS started in 1970, due to the restrictions of having multiple campuses, the entire student body only began to gather for convocation seven years ago.

36th FCS auction, ‘Going Places’, highlights student involvement, March 9

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Families, friends, alumni, and supporters of Fresno Christian gather for the 36th annual FC auction, March 9. This year’s theme, ‘Going Places’ focuses on the school’s future and ways students continue to contribute to their communities.

Journalists share strategies for combating fake news

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Learning from the plethora of knowledge that professional journalists have gained, The Feather staffers attended the ‘Putting Fake News in the Rear View Mirror: How the Media Can Win Back the Trust of all Americans’, Symposium at Fresno State, Feb. 26. Keynote speaker and Editor-In-Chief of ProPublica, Stephen Engelberg, used various social examples to present relevant topics that related media to current political situations. Previously holding editor positions at both The New York Times and The Oregonian, Engelberg originally moved to ProPublica as founding managing editor and now editor-in-chief.

19th annual Central Valley Honor Flight honors 68 veterans

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The 19th annual Central Valley Honor Flight sends 68 Vietnam veterans across the U.S. to Washington, D.C., from Fresno, May 13. The Honor Flight embarked on a busy three-day trip, visiting different war memorials dedicated to veterans.

World-class photojournalist travels, shares stories from around the globe

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"Celebrate what's right in the world. Put yourself in the place of most potential. Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary."  These words forever altered the professional perspective of Feather adviser, Kori Friesen, as a new teacher in 2002.