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Val Rivera retires after 10 faithful years

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As the year wraps up, seniors aren’t the only ones preparing to journey beyond Fresno Christian. Athletic groundskeeper and Vietnam War veteran, Valentine (Val) Rivera retires after over 10 years of faithful service to the school.

Senior Reflection: Cate Vander Kooi

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Four years ago 13 year old Cate Vander Kooi entered the Peoples Church auditorium, hands shaking, stomach in knots. Her fear weighed heavy on her shoulders as she walked in and took a seat in the freshman section, looking around with wide eyes. Thoughts raced through her mind as she watched upperclassmen greet each other and teachers corral kindergarteners into seats.

BREAKING: Class of 2018 embarks on annual senior trip to SoCal

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"My favorite part about the senior trip is being able to hang out with friends who will be going away for college," Avila said. "This is one of the last times to do that and I love being able to connect with all of them. The senior trip is good for seniors to go on because you can connect with your other classmates. We are like a big family. Being able to just do things with others and strengthen relationships is what senior trip is all about."

Robert Foshee: Longtime multiple-sport campus coach, academic teacher

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Longtime campus teacher Robert Foshee has served FCS since 2000, with 18 years as an advisor, teacher and coach. His consistent participation in school events have shaped the school, helping provide stability as it completes its 41st year.

Senior Reflection: Mariana Fikse

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Since freshman year, Mariana Fikse has looked forward to the day when she would don her hat and gown and walk across the stage to receive my diploma. However, with graduation only a week away, the reality that I am about to move on from high school is beginning to sink in.

BREAKING: Boys tennis hosts D-V Valley Championship vs Liberty Madera Ranchos, May 15

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After defeating Caruthers High School, the Fresno Christian boys tennis team will host Liberty High School for the CIF Central Section Division V Valley Championship, May 15, at 2:30. The final match in a 11-3 season, the upcoming championship will be the first time the Eagles have reached Valley Championships since 2003.

BREAKING: Spring Concert features campus choral department

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As the school year is coming to an end the choir concludes their season with a end of the year performance. All FC choral groups perform in a final home Spring Concert in the Peoples Church auditorium, May 14, at 7 p.m.

BREAKING: CSF banquet to honor seniors, May 15

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Since 1921 when Principal Charles Seymour proposed and established the California Scholarship Federation (CSF), the organization has grown to include over 1,500 chapters all across California. The organization awards $120,000 in scholarships annually to members as well as offers conferences and other benefits. The CSF senior banquet will be held in the SMC Cafe from 6:30-8:30 p.m., May 15.

RECAP: Spring Sports Awards 2018

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Players, coaches honored for efforts Seniors Tyler Villines (left) and Cayla Rivas received the Senior Athlete of the Year awards at the Spring Sports Awards night, May 7, For the last time this school year, parents and athletes congregated in the Peoples Church gym to give out awards and recognition for [...]

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