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BREAKING: Seniors honored during 38th annual graduation

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With the school year wrapping up, faculty and students begin to prepare for FCS’ 38th annual graduation. With students accruing over 2.1 million dollars in scholarships, the graduation will send off 41 seniors and 10 “lifers”. Held on the last day of school, graduation will be in the Peoples Church main auditorium, starting at 7 p.m.

19th annual Central Valley Honor Flight honors 68 veterans

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The 19th annual Central Valley Honor Flight sends 68 Vietnam veterans across the U.S. to Washington, D.C., from Fresno, May 13. The Honor Flight embarked on a busy three-day trip, visiting different war memorials dedicated to veterans.

Senior Reflection: Sam Cross

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Senior reflects on time spent with staff, life lessons learned Journalism adviser Greg Stobbe storms into the eighth grade science class. He shouted out four last names that fateful day: “Schultz, Rurik, Clem and Cross come with me!” Then eighth grader Sam Cross rose from his seat, following him to his lair: The Feather journalism [...]

Senior Reflection: Alexander Rurik

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As I sit to write my thoughts and reflections on high school, I struggle to figure out where to start. I struggle not just with a loss of words, but with an unexpected wave of emotions. To put into writing the effect and experiences of the last four years of my life, specifically in The Feather, is exceedingly difficult, but I will try my best.

Senior reflection: Kaylie Clem

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Joining The Feather as a sophomore, the last three years have held countless days completing photo assignments, posting on Instagram and writing photo posts. With this chapter of my life coming to a close, I excitedly look forward to what lies ahead of me. I am so thankful for the growth I experienced during my time on The Feather that makes me feel prepared and ready to take on whatever my future holds.

Senior reflection: Julia Fikse

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It seems like only yesterday I walked in Fresno Christian’s convocation for my first day of high school. New faces surrounded me as they introduced their names to ask who I was. Little did I know these people would become my lifelong friends. Before I could even sit down, a whole new world of opportunities awaited me in high school. 

PROMO: End of the year dress-up week

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Dress-up days encourage school spirit Zachary Vanderlinden, '23, and elementary Principal Katie Reneau show their homecoming spirit for 'Merica Monday, Oct. 2. The weather heats up, finals pass by, and students begin to think about what summer vacation holds. As plans are set in place and summer fever kicks in, campus [...]

High school summer internships aid student career choices

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As the school year comes to an end, summer internships help aid future student career choices and are an important part of the high school experience. Through networking with professionals, acquiring hands-on skills and gaining self-confidence, internships allow students to define their career goals. The Feather staff traveled to Anaheim, CA for the NSPA National High School Journalism Convention, April 25-27. During the Saturday session, senior editor Addison Schultz, ‘21, and journalist Morgan Parker, ‘21, interviewed editor-in-residence for the conference Bill Elsen. A former recruiter at The Washington Post and current Sigma Delta Chi board member, Elsen discusses internships and job possibilities with students at journalism conventions and workshops.

Caleigh Alday strives in dance competition, earning title of Miss Dance

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Caleigh Alday receives the title of Miss Dance 2019 at Kar Dance competition in Fresno,California at Saroyan Theater. For her solos Alday received top scores in the first category and a $500 scholarship.

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