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Join the Discussion: 95th Annual CSPA Spring Convention

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Students from all across the nation travel to Columbia University for the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s (CSPA) Spring Convention. 2,464 student journalists, from 325 schools and over 35 states, traveled to New York City to take part in the 95th annual spring convention and attend sessions taught by journalism advisers, professional journalists and student leaders.

Annual Serve Day unites community through service

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For the sixth consecutive year, the Fresno Christian HS and JH student body engaged in Serve Day. While JH stays on campus to complete various work projects, all of HS packs up after first period and attends a quick rally before loading up in buses, and heading out to different locations across the city to serve.

Annual Econ Fair offers products made by senior class

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The annual Econ Fair hosted by Robert Foshee's civic and economics class provides seniors the opportunity to exercise their ideas by creating a small product and then selling it. Students get into small groups of two or three, then use their own money to make the product. This allows them to create a marketplace for supply and demand.

Every Neighborhood Partnership forms lasting church, community bonds

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Even before the change of the century Artie Padilla looked for ways to serve the community. Before the rise of ENP the local nonprofit partnering volunteers with opportunities Padilla traveled with his truck. Co founder and Executive director Artie Padilla works on staff with ENP. Along with connecting churches with serve opportunities, Padilla along with ENP work with schools in assisting them with literacy and reading.

Editorial: Celebrating students, staff of Fresno Christian

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Student leadership organizes NOTS, rallies and the activities that bring the student body together to celebrate achievement and campus life. Band, choir and color guard tirelessly practice to perform musical compositions and theatrical works. Athletes condition and compete on the fields of FC pursuing championships and winning records. Each student at Fresno Christian provides life, talent and success to the school. Artist Sydney Saville decorates the athletic office with a FC Logo, creating a spirit filled space for athletic director Darbee Whipple to plan games and manage athletics.

California Bests: Top 5 Theme Parks

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California is home to many different amusement parks, some of which are dedicated to a theme, location, or company, they all have a variety of attractions. The Golden State is home to around 45 different theme parks. All of which range in size, price, popularity, and attractions.

36th FCS auction, ‘Going Places’, highlights student involvement, March 9

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Families, friends, alumni, and supporters of Fresno Christian gather for the 36th annual FC auction, March 9. This year’s theme, ‘Going Places’ focuses on the school’s future and ways students continue to contribute to their communities.

Journalists share strategies for combating fake news

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Learning from the plethora of knowledge that professional journalists have gained, The Feather staffers attended the ‘Putting Fake News in the Rear View Mirror: How the Media Can Win Back the Trust of all Americans’, Symposium at Fresno State, Feb. 26. Keynote speaker and Editor-In-Chief of ProPublica, Stephen Engelberg, used various social examples to present relevant topics that related media to current political situations. Previously holding editor positions at both The New York Times and The Oregonian, Engelberg originally moved to ProPublica as founding managing editor and now editor-in-chief.

BREAKING: Community reaches out for Kids Day, March 5

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The 32 annual Kids Day approaches, March 5. The tradition is hosted by Valley Children's Healthcare, along with partners ABC 30 and The Fresno Bee. This fundraising event is staffed all over the city by thousands of volunteers wearing orange aprons and selling special edition Fresno Bee newspapers for one dollar. All the proceeds go to benefiting Valley Children's hospital.

Discover Fresno encourages engagement with local organizations, pt. 2

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The Well Community Church hosts Discover Fresno, an event to inform and connect attendees with local organizations impacting Fresno, as a followup to Hope Fresno 2015. Over 200 people gathered at the church for a morning of engagement and discussion. The Breakout Sessions were hosted by Every Neighborhood Partnership, Pregnancy Care Center, Fresno Rescue Mission, ESA Love Inc., Youth for Christ, City without Orphans, Chrysalis House Inc., Westside Church of God, Saint Rest Baptist Church and other community leaders. Over 200 people gather at the Well Church for Discover Fresno, Feb. 9. Director of Missions at The Well, Kyle Guerrero shares insight into the The Well’s efforts in supporting organizations and individuals impacting the community of Fresno.

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