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New Voices legislation seeks to restore student journalist rights

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With only 14 states giving press rights to student journalists, the Student Press Law Center (SPLC) is currently spearheading the fight for student press rights. The SPLC utilizes their access to attorneys and legal aides by introducing and reintroducing New Voices legislation to states around the U.S. This legislation protects a student journalists First Amendment rights and allows for responsible journalism.

CSPA Convention 2019 recap

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After a week of waiting and nearly a full year of school, students, advisers and chaperones convened in the Alfred Lerner Hall for the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s (CSPA) award convocation, March 22. The final day of attending sessions at the CSPA’s 95th Spring Convention ended, and the famed award ceremony began.

Choices: Teen pressures, substance abuse contribute to health issues, social misconceptions

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A campus filled with athletes, academics and artists each chooses their path and accepts the consequences of their choices.  Foundations for those choices stem from diverse traditions, values, religious beliefs and moral compasses. Fresno Christian, despite its religious affiliation, faces similar societal pressures and vices as larger academic high school institutions.

Join the Discussion: 95th Annual CSPA Spring Convention

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Students from all across the nation travel to Columbia University for the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s (CSPA) Spring Convention. 2,464 student journalists, from 325 schools and over 35 states, traveled to New York City to take part in the 95th annual spring convention and attend sessions taught by journalism advisers, professional journalists and student leaders.

Annual Serve Day unites community through service

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For the sixth consecutive year, the Fresno Christian HS and JH student body engaged in Serve Day. While JH stays on campus to complete various work projects, all of HS packs up after first period and attends a quick rally before loading up in buses, and heading out to different locations across the city to serve.

Annual Econ Fair offers products made by senior class

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The annual Econ Fair hosted by Robert Foshee's civic and economics class provides seniors the opportunity to exercise their ideas by creating a small product and then selling it. Students get into small groups of two or three, then use their own money to make the product. This allows them to create a marketplace for supply and demand.

Every Neighborhood Partnership forms lasting church, community bonds

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Even before the change of the century Artie Padilla looked for ways to serve the community. Before the rise of ENP the local nonprofit partnering volunteers with opportunities Padilla traveled with his truck. Co founder and Executive director Artie Padilla works on staff with ENP. Along with connecting churches with serve opportunities, Padilla along with ENP work with schools in assisting them with literacy and reading.

Editorial: Celebrating students, staff of Fresno Christian

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Student leadership organizes NOTS, rallies and the activities that bring the student body together to celebrate achievement and campus life. Band, choir and color guard tirelessly practice to perform musical compositions and theatrical works. Athletes condition and compete on the fields of FC pursuing championships and winning records. Each student at Fresno Christian provides life, talent and success to the school. Artist Sydney Saville decorates the athletic office with a FC Logo, creating a spirit filled space for athletic director Darbee Whipple to plan games and manage athletics.

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