Videos 2016-17

Senior Reflection: Clark Zhu

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Time has been going fast since I came to Fresno Christian. My two-year stay in this school flies arrow - every day I still have a feeling that I just get there, but now it’s almost over. But luckily, I can tell myself, without any regret, that I made the most of it during my time here.

Senior Reflection: Jarrod Markarian

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My four years on The Feather Online have come to end after winning four CSPA Gold Crowns, two NSPA Pacemakers and a Letter of Recognition from the Mayor. After making the decision to join journalism in the middle of freshman year it quickly filled up my schedule with so many great opportunities.

Senior reflections video

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As the school year comes to a close, graduating seniors were asked to reflect on their memories throughout high school. Students were asked questions ranging from their biggest regrets, and college aspirations, to advice for future eagles. The purpose behind the video was to give seniors a chance to look back and share what they've learned throughout their high school career. The seniors gave insight into realizing the importance of being as involved in everything as you can, and just how fast the time goes by.

Freshmen | Freshmen From the Future

By | 2017-08-13T20:21:13+00:00 May 2nd, 2017|Videos 2016-17|

The freshmen class, produced the parody of the 1985 classic, ‘Back to the Future.’ The Spring season bring many opportunities for social gathering. One of the big events is Night of the Stars (NOTS). After one year of pause, NOTS, an annual tradition started in Fresno Christian since 1990, has returned. [...]

Sophomores | Finding Kyle

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Class of 2019 produced the parody of the popular Disney movie "Finding Nemo". After his son Nemo (Kyle Friesen) is taken from him by a diver, Marlin (Landon Goldsborough) must set out on a quest to find his son. Along the way, he receives help from Dory (Kamryn Shultz), a fish with short-term memory loss. The duo must navigate the waters together, finding help from new friends and dodging foes to reunite with Nemo.

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