32nd FCS Auction draws community to campus (Video)

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The Fresno Christian Schools 32nd Annual FCS auction is a highly anticipated event in which the generosity and close knit community is exemplified. Each year, families and FC enthusiasts look forward to the opportunity for a fun way to give back to the school which has touched their lives. At the March 14 auction, attendees were given a unique auction number and were able to bid upon different items including desserts, gift cards and donated items. Once dinner was served participants enjoyed a quick trailer of the upcoming drama musical, Music Man.


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The Feather editors started their first day of tourism in New York City on the holy day for the Irish: St. Patty's Day, March 17. With a couple of days dedicated to checking out the Big Apple before attending and speaking at the 91st annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association's (CSPA) convention, today FC hits NY. Attempting to avoid a sea of green chaos, adviser Greg Stobbe suggested the team spend most of their day in Little Italy and Soho, eating and shopping. The staff departed Hotel Edison at 8:15 a.m. and made their way to the nearest subway station before the parades and celebrators crowded Times Square.


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After arriving to San Francisco the night before, a total of nine journalists boarded the plane on Monday, heading to New York, March 16. Editors Rees Rogenstein, Josh Carter, Chloe Mueller, Gaby Siquiros, Ryan King, Callista Fries, Trevor Beal, John Dooman, Sara Peterson and chaperones Angie Fries and adviser Greg Stobbe arrive at the airport around 8 a.m. and will tour that evening as FC hits NY. The Feather staff will be heading to Columbia University, for the 91st annual CSPA Spring Convention, March, 18-20. Along with being nominated for the Gold Crown by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA), Fries, King, Peterson and Mueller will be presenting workshops during the convention. Throughout their stay, the editors will also spend two days touring Manhattan.

Blood drive honors FC alumna in recovery (VIDEO)

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The FCS community is again gathering support in a blood drive for Emily Krieghoff, March 20. Please donate for an Eagle alumna. In the late hours of Saturday Feb. 21, FC alumni Molly Griffin and best friend Emily Krieghoff were victims of a fatal DUI accident. Molly Griffin was killed on site while [...]

Campus clubs sell Kids Day papers (VIDEO)

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Editor's Note: Check back later for more updates or via Twitter: @thefeather. The Feather staff joined the leadership class to sell Fresno Bee Kids Day papers to benefit Children's Hospital, March 3. Each year, the community, Fresno Bee and ABC 30 all join forces to earn money for the patients of [...]

Childrens Hospital drives central Valley volunteers (UPDATE, VIDEO, SLIDESHOW, PODCAST)

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UPDATE: March. 11 After an estimate was given, March 3, for Kids Day, Valley Children's Hospital was able to count the remainder of the money raised with a total of $535,000. Last year's Kids Day reached a total of $480,000, which set a record for future fundraising. While this is not the total final count, Children's Hospital has passed the goal for this year's Kids Day reaching over the estimated $530,000.

Serve day unites student body, spreads joy (VIDEO)

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The second annual school-wide serve day took place, Feb. 19. Students signed up for their location of choice earlier in the week during chapel and prayed to leave a positive impact on the community. The different service sites include: the Community Food Bank, Poverello House, park clean up, Neighborhood Thrift, two graffiti clean up sites, connecting with students at Kepler Elementary School and a yard work group. The students were assigned their chaperones and buses after a rally like chapel and were encouraged to serve with a joyful heart and spread the love of Christ.

Eagle basketball: FC vs Fowler (Video)

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For their second to last home game of the season, the Eagles of Fresno Christian hosted the Fowler Redcats, Jan. 30. Students support Eagle basketball: FC vs Fowler While the Eagles are no longer playing at home, their last four games are on the road. This week, please consider supporting FC at [...]

Hope Fresno unites pastors in racial equality (Video)

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The Well hosted Hope Fresno, an event to stir racial awareness, on their north campus, Feb. 6 - 7, 2015. As a reflection of the surge of social awareness and stirrings that the United States and many other nations are facing, a local church decided to take action within its own city. Friday [...]

2015 FC Serve Day

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Fresno Christian's second annual Serve Day is coming up. This year it will be Feb. 19. Staff and students will be going to The Poverello House, Community Food Bank, Kepler Neighborhood School, Ted C Wills Community Center and Neighborhood Thrift Store. After chapel most of the student body will break up into groups and [...]